Recent diagnosis awaiting treatment


Great to read so many friendly, supportive and helpful posts on here.

I was diagnosed with an invasive ductal carcinoma grade 1 or 2, ER positive and HER2 negative, 3 weeks ago now. Massive shock as no signs, picked up on first over 50 mammogram.

Interested to find out if anyone has experienced similar dilemma to me? I need a wide local excision (lumpectomy), cancer is small and caught very early. I have always been big breasted (E cup now) and not liked them! I have been offered mammoplasty to remove more with surgery to other side at later date, I just don’t know what to do! Small essential operation or remove more breast to make them smaller with second operation in future. Seems really vain when getting rid of the cancer is the priority? 

Sorry for such a lengthy first message!

Hi Sarahx - first of all a big welcome to this forum, I’m glad you have found us although obviously I’m very sorry to read of your diagnosis.

I personally can’t answer your question (as I had a mastectomy) but I didn’t want to read and go past without welcoming you, and hopefully others will be along soon. If you don’t get a reply here you might want to post in another section, perhaps the surgery board - try searching the forum and seeing if similar questions have been posted and where the chats are. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask any of us.

One thing I would add - it isn’t at all vain to think about breast reduction while you are having an operation, your team wouldn’t have offered it if it wasn’t an option worth considering.

Very best wishes to you as you go forward with treatment, and I hope you will find lots of support on here. Evie xx

Hi Sarah, I had therapeutic mammoplasty, did have option of being levelled up at same time but I was that focused on my surgeon getting cancer out of me I told him to just get it out and I’d think about the other side another time, I just wanted all his focus on getting the cancer out. I do plan to be levelled up and if Covid had not happened would have probably got it done last year, but I’ve decided to wait till Covid situation better, it will be 4 years soon since my op. I stuff my smaller side of bra with cushion stuffing, the half thing they give you at hospital don’t really work on mammoplasty as you still have perfectly formed boob only smaller and no one can tell even in something tight. If you can push for both done at same time I would then you are all fine in one go. You have to do what’s right for you, it is your body and do what makes you happy None of us ever wanted to find ourselves here, but we did and through others kindness, support, love and care on here and from the breast cancer now team and your team and the people you will meet along the way, you will have clear thoughts on what you want to do for you Others will pop on and Evie :two_hearts: if always good with wise words :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi Sarah. I just wanted to welcome you to the forum and sorry you find yourself here. It’s an excellent place to find help and advice. I was diagnosed on my first mammogram in 2017. Like you I had no symptoms and could not feel a lump so such a shock. My tumour was small but had already spread to my lymph nodes. I had a lumpectomy. I was a E/F cup size prior to surgery and was quite lopsided after surgery. I read that after radiotherapy an operated breast will not change in size? I decided to lose weight to try and balance myself up as I didn’t want further surgery. I have now managed to lose 4 stone and have even sized D cup breasts and I am happy with the results. Just have to try and keep the weight off as I am a bit of a yo-yo dieter! I hope your surgery & treatment goes well. Michele x

Hi Sarah, 

Firstly welcome although I know you’d rather not be part of this club! 

The ladies on here are all wonderful. Don’t apologize for lengthy posts …this is the place to rant/moan/cry without fear of judgement. 

Like you, I was diagnosed at screening, with no palpable lump. Picked up early. Grade 1. 

I had a therapeutic mammoplasty and reduction on the good side for symmetry all at the same time. My tumour was underneath and would have caused a divot and mis shape so they had to do the mammoplasty for cosmetic outcome on the cancer side. 

I decided I would have both done and don’t regret it. I was big busted and very petite, and now am happier with how I look. Yes wouldn’t have wanted cancer to have got this, but hey, why not? 

I hope this helps. Always happy to answer any questions. 

Big hugs x