Recent Diagnosis of IDC grade 3, Her2 positive 3+

Hi! My name is Kathy and I have Breast Cancer.  


I was just given the diagnosis on Friday afternoon. Was told I would see a surgeon on Tuesday morning. Nothing else.


The past two days have been filled with:

-try and figure the wording on report.

-Figure out the insurance. (2 days after Dr comfirmed lump during annual exam, Hubby was laid off work. our insurance is through his work)

-Make phone calls to immediate family and friends.

-Trying to find several doctors “in-network”.

-Read as much as I can on what I have so that I can atleast have some knowledge and say in my future “plan of action”


Its been so over-whelming. My nerves have me so nauseous I can barely eat. I just keep telling myself… get through to Monday… get through to Tuesday. 


Anyways, Here I am. Thank you for allowing to introduce myself. I look forward to perusing the forum, searching for questions, answers, knowledge and HOPE. 


Blessings to all!! 





Hi Kathy 

welcome to this amazing forum, not somewhere any of us want to be but honestly the support is fantastic. I was dignosed on the 18 th feb, had lumpectomy with 1 lymph node removal on the 26th and then an agonising 3 week wait for results . Luckily it had not gone to the node and is contained although was larger than first thought. I am now waiting on results from oncotype dx test to determine my treatment plan. The waiting is the worst part but as you get results it gets easier even if it’s not what you were hoping for. Just knowing things are moving to help beat this thing makes it easier. 

Take one day at a time and remember we are all here for you. Big hugs xxx

Just want to say, I feel for you. It’s hard enough going through this without having the hassle of sorting out insurance. Hope you get it sorted xx

Hello, I’m the same diagnosis as you but also estrogen positive (unless that’s the her+ bit)

I too have been going through my insurance, I meet all the criteria to get full payout, but they are writing to consultants to check. 

I’m starting chemo in June, still got mri and insertion of a marker next week. 

Seeing oncologist tomorrow, so busy time leading up to chemo. 

Scary time, I know.