Recent diagnosis

Had my lumpectomy on the 18th October, felt OK first ten days but feeling nauseous and headache, also lots of overthinking, I live close to Liverpool and advice or stories to share x

firstly so sorry you’re in this club, none of us want to be! I had surgery in January - lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy x fine now and back at work and totally understand your overthinking. I do it a lot and am struggling to control it! X up and down days ! 
mom worse now than when going through my treatment and then feel bad because I should be grateful. Not sure I’ve even processed it! 
good luck to you x you could enrol in the moving forward course which is hugely helpful. ? 

Hi Doodle I had my lumpectomy on the 13th and today is the first day I have felt normal. I’ve had swelling, infection, weeping you name it but today it feels all good and I’m ready to move on. I have chemo to start soon and then radiotherapy so it’s going to be a long journey and I’m not going to let it get me down. I hope you’re feeling more with it soon and your journey forward isn’t an arduous one.