Recently diagnosed 27-4-22

Hi All,

After my mammogram and uv scan, suspected lump was detected so had two biopsy’s done, both came back as positive unfortunately, just waiting for my CT scan and treatment appt in 3 weeks.

Due to my family history ie mom diagnosed at 67 then rediagnosed at 75, always knew in the back of my mind it was always WHEN not IF I caught it

Im a positive person and will deal with any treatment im offered, it’s just knowing the options 

Hiyer Kitti26,

Welcome to BCNow, the place where nobody wants to be but everybody is thankful it is here.

Its a tough wait isn’t it before the treatment plan, I guess having seen your Mum go through this twice you have a fairly good background of knowledge on what is offered and the process. (unless it was a long time ago, and things have changed).

It is indeed so positive that you are heading into this with a strong sense of your ‘ability’ and trust in the professionals, thats so admirable and will make such a difference I’m sure to your mental health. I wish you the best of fortune in hearing the details of your treatment plan. x

Hi, thinking of you, hope all goes well for your treatment.  This is a great forum, it has been such a help to me when I was first diagnosed.  Keep in touch.  We are all here for each other! 

I was diagnosed on the 28th, & like you, I kind of expected the diagnosis. 

It’s a weird place to be & I thought I was managing so well.  Thinking to myself, I’ll have an operation, I’ll have treatment.  I’ve dealt with operations before - this is much the same.  But its not.  Not really. 

I keep busy, love my time with family & friends.  And then something completely random will set of tears - and I’m not the crying type. 

What are your next steps? 

Sending you support & best wishes