Recently diagnosed and a mess

Good morning everyone. I been diagnosed with breast cancer 2 days go.  They don’t give me much information just the biopsy results. And my primary care doctor tell me that I gonna need an MRI,and a breast surgeon.  
Yesterday they called me, I have an appointment with a general surgeon , not a breast surgeon on Wednesday and MRI on Thursday.  I was hoping for a breast surgeon not a general surgeon that treats breast cancer. I’ll like to know your opinions.  And I also post the results of my biology because scared me to the point that I been eating or sleeping for the last 2 days.  They don’t even clarify the stage of my cancer. Is that normal ? Please help and fox bless you all


Hi leticolemanhope,

Thank you for your post.

I am sorry to read about your diagnosis, please remember that we are always here and happy to talk things through.

We removed your image as it’s your medical report and includes personal information and names. You can find our guidelines about photography here 

You may want to get in touch with our breast care nurses, you can do that by posting here , or find more information about how to call/email our Helpline here 

Sending you our warmest wishes,


Hi Leticole! Your biopsy results have been removed but if you have specific questions about it just post some here. I’m not a professional and they of course would be your best resource but I am well read and can probably help alleviate some confusion and fear on your part. For example, here are some things your biopsy report should contain. What’s the grade of your tumor? What kind of tumor was it, IDC or ILC? Any special features noted or is it just “of no particular type”? What are the hormone receptors noted? For example you might have estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors, both or none of them. Do they see any nodes on the scans? 

Of course you’re frightened. This is the worst part. But once they get all the information needed and your treatment starts, the anxiety will lessen. But we’re here for you and will be glad to help anyway we can.