Recently Diagnosed and just met with as Consultant

Hi Everyone

This is my second post on here, I am putting this one on as I had so many kind replies to my message that I put on a couple of weeks ago when I was first diagnosed.

I saw the consultant on Tuesday, I have been diagnosed with invasive ducal carcinoma which he advised me is a very common breast cancer and that I will have a lumpectomy to remove it. I am having a locator fitted on Friday and then the op at the beginning of January. The cancer is feeding off estrogen, I had a total hysterectomy with ovaries removed 7 years ago and I have not had any HRT. Following surgery I will have radiotherapy and the a tablet to suppress estrogen to stop the cancer coming back. The consultant said he doesn’t think I will need chemotherapy but he is waiting for a HER2 result I haven’t googled this so not sure what that means. He said my lymph nodes appeared clear on the mammogram, but he said ‘there is one fly in the ointment’ in that my cancer is grade/level 3 which is aggressive and would suggest it had spread. 
Please could you tell me what HER2 means and also if anyone else has had anything similar. 
apologies I can’t remember whether the consultant said grade or level he said that staging is a US term and not used here.

I would be really grateful for any advice or support.

Thank you so much.

Stay strong, thinking of you all. Xxxx

Hello @DeeBee76  

Thank you for updating on your diagnosis 

If there is such thing as a positive results appointment in breast cancer world this sounds like one: almost word for word my appointment. 
The HER2 test is to determine whether it has a greater or lesser chance of spreading: if HER2 positive you may need to have chemotherapy or another targeted therapy, if negative you are unlikely to need it. My BCN said “we’ll let you know the HER2 results” however she never did and I didn’t chase it up, however at my results appointment following my surgery no mention was made of chemotherapy so it seems mine was negative  

At my appointment with my oncologist (after my surgery before my radiotherapy) she said a number of really helpful positive things, one being your diagnosis is very common and uncomplicated, and whilst feeling unique and special is normally a good thing in breast cancer world being common and uncomplicated is by far the better option! 
Being thorough she also said I could opt to have a course of chemotherapy but any additional benefit to me could be measured at less than 1%. I haven’t had chemotherapy and I’m now on Tamoxifen.
As I understand it the development of the oestrogen suppressing drugs in the past 20 years means that for many chemotherapy is no longer required when it used to be given a lot more.  (Tamoxifen is given to ladies whose ovaries still produce oestrogen Letrozole is one of the aromatase inhibitors given to ladies who no longer do). 
I hope all your treatment all goes to plan, (if it helps) you are treading a path walked by many other ladies, but remember you will be creating your own footprints on your treatment journey: there’s no rights or wrongs on how you feel 

AM xx


you are a little ahead of me. I was just diagnosed with breast cancer and I am due to see the oncologist Monday Dec.20 to find out more details on what stage and what type. I know this sounds petty but I have a lot of hair and I just pray I don’t have to be involved in a treatment that will cause me to lose my hair. I will be back on here to read your updates and pray all goes well for us all.