Recently diagnosed and terrified

Yesterday I was diagnosed with Invasive ductal cancer grade 3 triple negative. I’m waiting for my appointment with the oncologist but have been told I will have chemo 1st then surgery then radiotherapy. Alot of information to take in and my head is spinning! Have gone through all the leaflets they have given me and think I’ve got my head around what to expect. I know it’s a small price to pay but I’m mortified I will be losing my hair. Can anyone recommend a good wig company in West Yorkshire please? Thanks

Hi juzcooper1971,

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Sorry you find yourself here but honestly it is the best place for help and support. I had chemo and used a cold cap so did not need a wig BUT if you do need one the this place is in Yorkshire:


When you have your start date for chemo be sure to join your monthly thread because there you will find women at the same stage as you and perhaps on the same regimen.


I would also recommend that you look into fasting before your chemo because it lessens the side effects. Lok at the two mice about 40 seconds into this video:


one is eating before and after chemo the other is only eating a few  hours after and nothing but water for 48 hours before.

It’s hard the first few days after diagnosis
Like you I was diagnosed grade 3 triple negative , invasive ductal
I had lumpectomy and have intial appointment with Onocogist

Hiya! Just got back from my appointment with the oncologist. Got a lot of information thrown at me and have to decide by next Weds (my next apt) if I want to take part in a trial they are running for my type of cancer. He’s given me a lot of stuff to read. If I agree to the trial it’ll be 3/4 weeks before any treatment starts as other tests will need doing first. If I go with the standard treatment it will be 1/2 weeks. Alot to think about over the next few days. The trial has literally only been running for 3/4 months so haven’t got any statistics for it but I will be monitored alot more closely and the results could be better. I am having chemo 1st to try and reduce the size of the lump, it’s currently 3.5cm ? Hope all goes well with your oncologist appointment. He was lovely and very informative and filled me with hope xx

Thank you xx

I have had my initial appointment with oncologist so I know what chemo and how many and I go next week to for the talk and walk of chemo ward
Bless you it is a lot to think about , but to monitored more closely is not bad , I think it will be difficult decision as I know most of us on here just wanted treatment to start xx


I’m due to see the oncologist on Friday following on from a mastectomy I had 4 weeks back. Due to have chemo and radiotherapy. I understand what you are saying regarding hair loss I’ve been putting off going to the hairdressers for weeks because I don’t know what to do. (My daughter has made me an appointment for Friday now) And perhaps in the grand scheme of things it should be the least of my worries. Have you seen simply wigs in Hudderfield they are mail order but are having open days the 1st and 2nd November. I’ve registered to go along. Take care Helen x


I’ve just finished chemo and it wasn’t very bad at all. I have managed to carry on commuting and working all the way through. It probably won’t be as bad as you think. Have you considered cold capping? I’ve done this and kept most of my hair, albeit it’s gone a bit thin but it was never that thick to start with. If you go with it the initial brain freeze is very painful for 10/15 minutes but it goes and then it’s never as bad or as long with subsequent treatments.

Good luck with it all.

Hi Lisajayne11

Yes I’ll be 47 this Friday ? Still very unsure which treatment to go down and kind of wish I wasn’t given the option. I know that might sound selfish as many other ladies would be grateful for the choice. My gut instinct is telling me to go down the standard route as there are more statistics and is less intrusive. Although on the flip side it could be ground breaking treatment ? Please do let me know how you get on Tuesday. I’m having my marker fitted on Wednesday and need to give them my decision to get the ball rolling with my chemo. Good luck xx

Hi Lisa. I’very had a lovely birthday thank you. I’ve decided to go for the trial providing my screening shows I’m eligible which I’ll find out 5th November. Regardless, I start my chemo on the 7th so there’s only a couple of days between us and yes absolutely bricking it too ? Got my chemo induction on Weds. It wasn’t too bad having the marker put in as they numb the area first as they did when they took the biopsies. Let me know how the micro blading goes as considering it myself. Also going wig shopping next week. Fingers crossed with the bone scan and hoping they’re just being over cautious. Take care and keep in touch xxx

Hey, I just saw your post and it was made feel days ago. How are you feeling now?


I dont think that losing your hair is a small price to pay. I was diagnosed three days ago and think about losing my hair and my breast are just driving me crazy. We have the right to feel sad and angry about that because they are part of us. I think that we will get to use it, but for now, dont feel bad for having those feelings.


Hope everything goes well to you.

Hi Lisa. Hope you enjoyed your Sunday lunch and I had a couple of beverages for us on Sunday too ? I know what you mean about the denial bubble. I’ve had a couple of wobbles with anxiety over the last few days but luckily they didn’t last long. Well, had a call from the hospital today to say my chemo will start next Tues now and not next Weds. Apparently they have a certain amount of time from diagnosis to the start of treatment and my final day to start is next Tues ? God knows what difference a day makes but all down to strict NHS guidelines. Also, after all the debating whether I would do the trial or not and finally deciding to go for it. They’ve told me it’s highly possible I won’t be doing it as they might not have all my tests back by next week and won’t delay my treatment for it ? Got my tour and talk of the chemo ward tomorrow then go on Monday to find out what treatment I will be on. How do I join the November chemo thread as would like to keep in touch too. How did the micro blading go? xx

Hi Carol. Still feeling as bad about losing my hair as I did from the beginning ? However, feel a bit better knowing there are some great wigs and head scarves and beanies out there xx

Hi Kipper. How did you get on at the hairdressers? Got my friend who is a hairdresser to come to my house on Monday to crop it to a choppy bob as I have long blonde hair. I’m donating it to the Princess fund so I feel like I’m doing something positive xx

Hi Mukul51. Good luck for your chemo on Friday xx

Hi SallyG63. Glad it went well for you and hoping for the same, fingers crossed. Not sure about the cold cap but will keep it in mind xx

Hi Kateday. How are doing? Have you started your chemo? xx

Hi Blueash. Thank you for your advice xx

All the best to you all xx

Hi Juzcooper1971,


I did it last Friday, went into the hairdressers not knowing what I was doing. Told them I didn’t know whether to have a trim or to have it cut megga short. She just made the decision for me, didn’t scalp me but cut it short. Not had it this short for years. I’m going to open day at simply wigs today for a look around but my BCN phoned me Tuesday and told me that she would make me an appointment for a wig fitting with the NHS so I will get a free one too. 


I’m off for a chemo talk and a PICC line fitting on Tuesday and then starting Chemo on Thursday next week, scary thought but just want it over and done with now.


I hope everything goes ok for you next week, I am sure that you will feel so much better when you know a definate plan as to whats going to happen.


Take care

Helen x