Recently diagnosed and worried



I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Thursday, waiting to see a fertility doctor now as only 35 so I want to keep my future options open. Because of this they are saying that my chemo won’t start for around 6 weeks. Is this normal? Seems like a long time and worried about it spreading as cells have been detected in some lymph nodes. Has anyone else experienced this? They have said in the meantime I will have a chemo induction and be shown around, as well as having the clip inserted on the tumour and the picc line inserted ready for the chemo. Just a bit concerned as i was expecting it sooner. 

Hi Gemmy,

First of all, welcome to the forum, even though it’s not where we’d want to be. You’re not alone, we’ve all been through it to varying degrees & there are others here, in a similar situation to you. 

I did not need chemo, but from what I’ve seen here, the timescales you describe are not unusual & would comply with current guidance. 

Worry about it spreading is common to most of us, as investigations have to be completed & treatment slots booked, but the important thing is, it will now be dealt with. A wait of weeks is not unusual, months would be an issue, but that doesn’t happen.  

If you haven’t already, do look at the ‘going through treatment’ board, where you find the monthly chemo threads, where you can chat & get support from others going through similar.  

ann x

Hi Gemmy, sorry you find yourself here.  The waiting is a very anxious time but the cancer doesn’t spread as fast as our anxiety has us believe.  Six weeks is a fairly usual wait from diagnosis to start of treatment to ensure all necessary tests and scans have been done and presented at relevant decision making meetings.  I was stage 3 at diagnosis in March 2017 with 9/12 lymph nodes affected.  Here’s my story which you may find some comfort from: (there is also a link on there to BCC fertility info)

As Ann suggested; join the relevant thread in the “going through treatment” section of this forum.  I found this really helpful.  Sending hugs. X

Hi gemmy83,

I’m really sorry to read your story and hear about your diagnosis. I’m still at quite an early stage of the process myself (diagnosed with IDC on 27/06) so can’t help with further treatment but I have just finished a round of IVF to preserve fertility. I had no idea about it all before being referred so it was a bit of a crash course and I wish I had had someone to talk to about it. I know you will have a million and one other things on your mind but if you do decide to go that route just let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I’d be more than happy to help if I can. Wishing you the best of luck with it all.