Recently diagnosed & beginning to feel real!

I went to my local breast unit after finding a lump, I have previously had a PASH lump removed in the other breast. I think in retrospect I knew this one would not be as straight forward and 2 weeks ago we were warned that it was thought to be cancer. After core biopsy I received the results last Thursday and had it confirmed that it is lobular invasive cancer. Today I had to have an MRI scan and suddenly the realisation of what I need to go through has hit me. Like others I have put on the “I’m fine and it’ll all be ok” front but inside I’m terrified!! I return to see the consultant Monday for my treatment plan and think then things will seem less daunting. Telling people also seems so hard as I hate to upset people, telling my dad and 2 children was difficult.
I’m going with a positive approach, trying very hard to focus on each step, I just wanted to share my experience and give/receive as much support as possible.
Thanks for reading and sending you all a virtual hug!
Alison ?

Hi Alison, your experiences and support here will be valued by your fellow users and I am sure you will find plenty in return so thank for joining in

Our helpliners are also on hand with further practical and emotional support for you so please feel free to call 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays

Here’s a link to our treatments area of the site with further information and support from BCC which I hope you will find helpful:

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi alison_46. Hugs xxx

Youre at the same point as me. It sure is bumpy.makes my knees wobbly thinking about it sometimes. My kiddlets are  11 and 10 and seem to be ok so far, I pointed out that all the fund raising they do with pink ribbons and pink pens and running around means they have lots of money to learn about fixing it. kids are great like that.

A friend of mine said at least we’re on the roller coaster moving forward, rather than missing the bus . 

Sending love and support.  



Hi Alison

I know it’s all horrid scary and our brains are in a complete  spin. It all seems very very unreal and at the same time people keep telling you things which always sound worse than you expected. I am very early days too… diagnosed on Wednesday and saw my surgeon who said it’s def lumpectomy chemo then rads then hormone treatment. it’s so much to take in but remember this is a TREATMENT plan. To treat you and make you better. It takes what it takes and thank God we have such an arsenal of treatments to make us better. Very BIG clever brains have worked hard to help us through this.

I will say that I find myself very up and down, and once the initila shock wears off, a bit, the panic and horrors subside. There are no cystal balls in life, cancer or no cancer. But there is treatment for this thing we all now know we have got. Tiny stupid lumps that must go! And go they will. Take heart. So many many stories of people who do just fine and after a nasty time of it, life gets back to sane.

Hi Ladies
My MRI results show cancer is only in the left breast, plan so far is for mastectomy & reconstruction together followed by radiotherapy then hormone tablets.
Having lymph nodes samples taken tomorrow the more waiting for rexults, not sure if chemo will be needed or not.
How are you all doing? Well I hope, sending hugs