Recently diagnosed DCIS and LCIS



I was diagnosed just before Christmas with DCIS. I had 1st operation on 19/12 to remove ducts. Went back for results on 14/01 and was told I needed another op to give clear margins. Had 2nd op on 23/01 and I’m due back for those results on 07/02.  This was all from a routine 1st mammogram (I’m 47) as they have started offering them to women under 50 in my area.


While I was waiting for my op on 23/01 I read my notes and along with the DCIS it was noted I had LCIS.  This completely threw me as no one had mentioned I had both conditions.  I have since read up on LCIS but there seems to be conflicting information and now I’m just confused.  I’ve also been led to believe that I probably won’t have to have radiotherapy but all the info I’ve found on line indicates it would unusual NOT to have radiotherapy after this type of treatment for DCIS.  I was told my cells were ‘indeterminate’.


I was coping quite well until the 2nd op but now I feel like I’ve fallen apart.  I have a lovely family but my Husband has found this 2nd operation quite hard to accept as he was convinced we would be told everything was OK after the 1st one. 


How does the LCIS affect the DCIS, if at all?  Will having both increase my risk of invasive cancer?  Will this mean I will definitely have radiotherapy?


All this has come as a massive shock and I would be grateful for any help or advice.


Thank you

Hi Harleybint, I would definitely call your breast care nurse and ask her about the results as the consultant should have mentioned this. I had invasive lobular cancer however I’m sure I read that LCIS is not always classed as cancer and depends on how the cells look under a microscope. Please don’t wind yourself up about this, contact the hospital and get answers to put your mind at ease. Its not uncommon to have both DCIS and LCIS in the same breast.

Regarding radiotherapy, I think this depends on the grade / stage and they may offer rads as you’ve had a lumpectomy.

Take care and stay positive

Tracy XXX

Hi Harleybint, I hope you’ve managed to get confirmation regarding your pathology results. XXX