Recently diagnosed, North East.

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with invasive Lobular cancer measured at 75mm. I start chemotherapy next Wednesday, prior to mastectomy, chemo is planned to last18 weeks. The nurse today mentioned paxman cap to possibly lessen hair loss, would like to hear from anyone with experience of using paxman cap.

Hi. Good luck with the chemo. Be sure to join the relevant monthly chemo thread so that you go through the experience with a group of people. It really helps.


I didn’t use the cold cap, but there is a thread discussing it here that you may like to read and join in with:


Also, like me, you are having chemo before surgery, due to the size of your tumour. Mine was diagnosed in December. It was 5cm. I have now had 4 lots of chemo. 2 more to go then I’ll be having my op in May. There is a thread discussing neo-adjuvant chemo here:


Feel free to browse the forums and join in with any discussion. There is a lot of information here, and we are all here to support each other.

Hi All the very best for your treatment. I didn’t use any cap - wasn’t actually told about anything like that till once my hair was out, but did come across which is an alternative hair piece and saved my sanity as wasn’t great about wearing a wig but hated playing the sympathy card by showing no hair! Be kind to yourself over the chemo. I found a routine in my chemo which helped so much in dealing with it - a couple of days when I shut the door to the world and then a week or so when I enjoyed myself! All the best.