Recently diagnosed with BC and terrified...

Hi Ann,
Good to hear your results. I understand your anxiety with the node. At my ultrasound there was an enlarged node & I was so worried & although that came back clear, I am going tomorrow to find out if it is in any of them as I had a SNB last Tuesday.
I have read loads of posts on here where ladies have had node involvement & they are now healthy & getting on with life. But, it doesn’t stop me worrying.
Good luck for your scan.

Hello Ann - glad you have your results.  Mine came back as lymph nodes were clear however there were isolated tumour cells in the node capsule, so not sure what that means regarding treatment.  I’m seeing the oncologist tomorrow so should find out more then. Surgeon thinks chemo is unlikely so it will be radiation therapy and anastrozole for 5 years. I’ve picked up my prescription, but will start taking it after my appt tomorrow.  According to things I’ve read you should have a bone density scan before taking anastrozole and this hasn’t been mentioned yet! I’ll second what others have said, come and join us on the other thread. 


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