Recently Diagnosed with DCIS

Good Afternoon

All very new to this as diagnosed just before Easter with Stage 0 High Grade DCIS.  I am 57 yrs old and wondering if there is anyone else out there who is /has been in the same boat.  Would love to hear from you!

I have had a second opinion outside our lovely NHS and he did not feel there was a need to panic but I do plan to have surgery by mid June.

I feel positive that this should be very treatable. 

Hi HappyGardener

I was diagnosed with DCIS in Feb after a routine mammogram follow up. Totally out of the blue and unexpected. My boobs are 38b and the Breast Care Team at my hospital advised me as my boobs were not generous and the DICS was quite large 4cm ! I would need a Mastectomy as they where worried the margins would not be big enough. Had my op on the 30th March nearly one month into recovery now. Glad I went with their advice as my surgeon told me the affected area was actually 5x6 cm. Had sentinal lymph nodes done, all clear and no invasive in the breast tissue that they could find. Even if the DICS had been a smaller size I still think I would have made the same decision as I am only 61 and there is a lot of life out there to enjoy, don’t want to worry myself to death before a nasty gets me !! Take care and good luck x

hello Happy Gardner,

I am 63 years old, was diagnosed in sept with DCIS, stage 0- was reccomended for lumpectomy and reconstruction- my mass was large. Got a second opinion- (have the best cancer hospital in my back yard)

I ended up with a partial mastectomy, went to stage 1, no lymph involement- though they did remove some. Reconstruction and reduction on other one, and radiation. % months later,  I am very comfortable with my decision, the mass ended up being 6 x 4 cm, they took 2/3 of my breast with the cancer, and reduced the other to match- i don’t have a nipple, but i am getting a yin/yang tattoo where my nipple should be and i have very nice B boobs- no bra necessary!

I was told no rush also, went to Costa Rica with my daughter and zip lined down a volcano!- was a great trip. It is a difficult decision no doubt, and painful at times- make sure you can trust your doctors decision- all of mine are women- I asked my surgeon how she would treat her mother, and she replied the same course we are recommending to you- All I can say is whatever you decide, be ok with it once you decide, own it and go for it!

Best of luck- be well

let me know how you are doing