Recently diagnosed with Her2 Positive stage 2 Breast Cancer

Hi Everyone!
I am hoping for some advice please.

Originally I was diagnosed with Mass DCIS with micro invasions, I underwent a left breast mastectomy with nipple sacrifice and a lymph node biopsy of 5 nodes. When returning for my 2 week post-op appointment I was told that the micro invasion was Her2 positive cancer which was also found in the first lymph node only, the other 4 were clear. This would mean I would need the full treatment of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Herceptin injections. This was a massive shock as my surgeon had thought surgery would be curative. 
Thankfully this is curable providing it hasn’t spread to distant areas. 
This is my next hurdle… CT scan and Full Body Bone scan. 
My question for you all is I have had the appointments through and the Ct scan&bone scan are on the same morning and then my first oncology appointment is the same day but later in the afternoon… my breast surgeon said the scans would probably be a week before the oncology appointment… I’m worried that the oncologist won’t have the scan results by the afternoon if the scans are only done that morning? Has anyone got any experience with having it all done on the same day? 
It seems pointless to have my oncology appointment to decide treatment plan if he doesn’t have all the facts? 
I have been told by my breast consultant chemo should start within 3 weeks so there is such a short time frame to get everything done. 

Sorry for such a long first post, I guess I’m just anxious about knowing if it has spread further. 

Sending Love

Louise x

Hi Louise

cant give any advice but know how you feel and sending hug and thinking of you.

I too was initially told that I would just have surgery and rads ( stage 2 IDC)  as no lymph node involvement could be seen on ultrasound, however, like you, one of my lymph nodes was positive so that was the game changer…and like you say it’s a shock to the system…I have had DCIS twice previously in 2012 and 2018 so feel like I got off easily those times with just Surgery.

My Scans were on a Friday and ready for my Onc appt the following Wednesday…maybe speak to your BCN and ask what the turn around time is for scans. 

Take good care x x