Recently diagnosed with lung and bone mets - pain control advice

Hi, I was originally diagnosed with primary BC back in 2004 age 26. Had all the usual treatment at the time (mastectomy, chemo, rads and Zoladex). Just been diagnosed with bone and lung mets (age 41) this week some 15 years later. I don’t know what my treatment plan is yet as need to wait to speak to the oncologist next Wednesday but I’ve been told it’s likely to be chemo.


I wanted to ask advice in the meantime about pain relief. I have bone mets in my sternum and it’s really painful- like a crushing pain that feels like someone is thumping me in the chest every time I cough, sneeze, laugh or take a deep breath. My GP diagnosed me with costochondritis with these symptoms back in April this year - which was clearly a misdiagnosis so it’s taken a while to actually diagnose the mets. I’m currently on Naproxen for the pain but if I do anything that involves using my arms - like driving or housework or office work - it really makes the pain worse. I’m hoping my oncologist will have some ideas when I see her next week and the nurse I spoke to this week said the treatment should help with the pain once I start it. But in the meantime are there any other medications that might help manage the pain better? I’m trying to avoid tramadol as it sends me to sleep and makes me quite sick. 



May be worth asking about pain management on this thread which is quite active .Hope you find some relief soon .Jill

Sorry you find yourself in this position. I have lung mets which were discovered before I’d finished my treatment for primary bc. Quite a shock, I can tell you! I am very fortunate in that my mets are tiny, and my meds are holding it well. My friend has bone mets in the base of her spine, and she was on some pretty heavy duty stuff called Oramorph until it was under control. A much older friend is on fentanyl patches, but that’s another level altogether. The good news is that her treatment is working, and although she moves a little stiffly she is well pleased with her progress. I know it’s a painful secondary as the cancer punches holes in the bones, but I think with chemo then adjuvant therapy it can be brought under control, as hers has been. I’m wondering if you could access some alternative therapies such as Indian head massage, or acupuncture , which might help more naturally with the pain, as well as providing overall relief and relaxation for your body. Couldn’t hurt to ask. Hugs. X