Recently diagnosed with mets and struggling to come to terms wit it

I’ve recently been diagnosed with mets in most of my bones, following a routine scan after finding a lump in my breast. Well it is now 8 weeks but it already feels like a life time. I’ve had surgery to my neck and a hip replacement. I have 2 young children and I am struggling wit coming to terms with the diagnosis. The doctor has told me the average life expectancy but I am finding it difficult coming to terms with it and just wondered how other people manage to do this? thanks beth xx

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Hi beth, I have a similar story, I was diagnosed with bone mets from the very beginning as my hip fractured and I also had a hip replacement. At that time I was in my early 40’s. My diagnosis was in 2003. Since then I have had years of stability, ups and downs but still here twelve years on. I walk with the aid of one crutch but, at the moment, I’m pain free and love life. Please keep in touch with us here, we are a supportive bunch. Be kind to yourself, it’s such a shock at first but you will move forward. I don’t really take any notice of the life expectancy stats I just keep planning a little ahead. X

Welcome Beth. I’m another lady given the bone Mets news about three weeks ago. Currently trying to get mobility back following radio to lower spine. Started hormone treatment. Hope you are bearing up OK and find some comfort here.

Vicky x

Hello Vicky, how are you finding coming to terms with it? I only found out 8 weeks ago but have had two big ops which took my mind of the diagnosis. Now recovering from the ops and facing the diagnosis and feeling very sad about having mets and still in shock. How are you feeling? Beth xxx