Recently diagnosed with multifocal ER breast cancer

Hi everyone, my name is Ness & have been taking a look at this really helpful website
On the 18th of Dec I had a mastectomy. We knew there were two tumours, turns out there were 3. My cancer is grade 2 & is oestrogen receptive.
Ive been told i will take tamoxifen & have been recommended to have chemotherapy. My appointment is this Thursday with the Oncologist, im unsure of what to expect to hear from him.
Are there any other users on here with the same that can share their experience of whether they had the treatment?

Thank you

Dear Ness

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You might find our publication “Chemotherapy for breast cancer” useful. Here is the link:

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Hi my wife Marg had multi focal 3 tumours 2 at 2cm and 1 at 1 cm she had a mastectomy and chemo e-cmf 4 of each
She then had radiotheraphy; she worked through the chemo sometimes in work but mostly from home, not sure if this would be an option for you. Our Oncologist told us from the start that they take the biggest tumour size and base their treatment on the single tumour they don’t add them together, she also had an SNB which thankfully came back clear (a test to see that the there is no spread to the Lymph Nodes) we were also told that there is no worse prognosis for multi focal compared to single tumours, I had no idea of any of this breast cancer stuff till this time last year you will soon get into the jargon the very best of luck any questions you want answering don’t hesitate to ask I will ask Marg and
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Hi Ness, I also had multifocal ER pos, originally told I had 2 tumors but after op was told there were 3. I was also told that the prognosis was no worse having multifocal, I did have some node involvement. I am now a year down the line.
The Onc will discuss your treatment plan with you which will probably be chemo, rads and tamoxifen.
All the best with the treatment its amazing how fast it goes once you have started.

Deb x

Hi Ness, another one here who was diagnosed with multi-focal (2 lumps, 5 cm and 2cm plus areas of DCIS) and also told it wasn’t worse than a single tumour. I had mastectomy, chemo and rads and am now on hormone therapy (Tamoxifen), back at work full time and doing ok - almost 2 years since diagnosis. It really does get a bit easier to get your head round w hen you have all your treatment plan, do come back and elect us know how you get on with the onc. If you do hchemo, lots of us have found it really helpful to join one of the threads for those starting the same time- feels like you can all pull each other through a bit. Very best wishes, Jude

Hi Ness
So glad you ‘found us’-this site was my saving grace when I was DX (diagnosed) in Oct 09. I was almost same as you. Found one fairly large-to me anyway- so went for tests etc. Initial plan was lumpectomy. By time all tests etc done, I was told I had multi-focal too so had right MX (mastectomy). I was ES pos and grade 2.
I needed no other treatment than Tamoxifen, so doing good now and just waiting to get a wee uplift and nipple tattoo on reconstruced boob
Its amazing to look back, especily to read of someone at the start of this rollercoaster trip. Theres so much support here and on helpline so I hope you find that, once you get going on treatment, youll feel on top of the mega changes to your life.
Best Wishes
Cathie x

Thank you for all of your replies,all were very helpful in all ways.
I went to my appointment on Thursday with the oncologist, she told me the larger cancer was grade 3 while the others were grade 2, so I’ve decided to go ahead with the chemotherapy. Id rather be clear in my mind that I’ve done all I can do to stop the return of cancer, not just for me but my children. Am currently waiting for the appointment to have a pic line fitted. I’m feeling positive about things & will definately be dropping by this site on a regular basis. Thank you all so much.
Ness :smiley: