Recently diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Hi everyone, I hope this works as I have only recently joined this forum and had posted a few times but so far no replies so I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing wrong. Anyway here goes, I was only diagnosed last week with TNBC and I am currently still awaiting a bone and CT scan etc and I have no idea yet which stage or grade I have, although thankfully I was told it hasn’t spread to my lymph nodes though as a precaution this has to be removed before my chemo starts. My lump is under my left breast sitting right on my breast bone which is quite painful, also it has been there for over a year due to being misdiagnosed. I’m really worried in case it has spread elsewhere due to it’s location and wondered if anyone else has had BC there also.

Nervously waiting on all test/scan results and replies ??

Thank you in advance

Roseanne x

Hi roseanne I noticed you haven’t got a reply. Here for you to talk to anytime x sheena x

Hi Sheena, thank you for your reply, I feel I have been on a roller coaster of emotions for the last week and I’m trying so hard to be positive but in reading through some stories I haven’t read any yet that have had a lump for as long as me nor any mention of having a lump where I have mine. It is the size of an olive or small grape and feels like a bone which I think is why I’m so scared. Sorry, I’m waffling on a bit here and rudely have not even asked about you. Are you currently going through treatment at the moment? Thanks again for your reply, I feel like there is a life line out there now. Roseanne x

Hi Roseanne
How are you doing, have you had any results back yet?
I am stage 2,TN in left boob, 2 nodes involved. Was told by surgeon that I had probably had this approx 18 months going by size etc. although had mammogram over a year prior to diagnosis it wasnt picked up and never would be as found out I have dense breast tissue.
Its a very lonely, surreal time when first diagnosed and its hard to comprehend what is happening to you.
Take care and like Sheena im here if you need to talk or just vent frustration.
Take care
Tracy xx

Hi Tracy,
Thank you for your message, I had my op on Wednesday to remove my lymph node which they are doing another biopsy on again just to be sure ? my bone scan, liver and kidneys are ok but still await CT and MRI results, I’m starting my chemo on Wednesday to shrink the lump as it’s 3 x 3.9cm still don’t know the stage or grade as they have advised they can’t confirm that until it’s been removed. I read you have had your lump for approx 18 months and i feel better knowing I’m not alone in how long we’ve had it. I was told I have lumpy breasts which is why it wasn’t detected even though I felt it it was dismissed as nothing to be concerned about it. I think you will no doubt feel let down in a way, however I was told by my consultant that she will fix me and not to worry about how long it’s been there so I feel slightly relieved ? what treatment are you having Tracy? Thank you so much for replying as it does help immensely to speak to someone going through the same, love Roseanne xxx

Hi Roseanne
Pleased you are doing ok and good news re scan results. I know how you are feeling, and wanting to find reassurance , its totally natural. Im sure everyone in this position does the same. I had it all pretty much diagnosed on the day, i only had to return to find out the grade, but I know there are different practices when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment.
I had the lumpectomy first, then last week another WLE for a clear margin. I go on Tues for result of that. Hope it will be clear as think next step would be a mastectomy. Then it will be chemo then rads and thats it as am TN so nothing else for me or not that theyve mentioned. BC Team werent troubled in slightest by that only me that wigged out when it sank in and I read about it. I was told by my surgeon upon diagnosis what stage it was and 2 node involvement likely from ultrasound and biopsies they did that day, although not definite till tumour removed, but they were right it was 2, he also knew from its size and his experience how long it had been there so although an aggressive cancer he said it was still early stage and about the size when many woman find them. Your surgeon is right, but not worrying is easier said than done. I am here if you just want a chat or to sound off about anything. Will be thinking of you on Wednesday. Big hugs Tracy Xx

Hi Jinny, thank you for your reply, it’s comforting to hear that good results still come out of something that’s so devastating at the time. The fact you had 2 tumours and 9 positive nodes plus the size of it and you’ve come through it helps me so much. I hope you are feeling so much better now and can move forward leaving all this behind you, please keep in touch. Take care :heart: Love and hugs Roseanne x

Hi Tracy,
It’s strange how different hospitals/areas approach things differently, I guess it’s what they think is best for that individual’s circumstances and at the end of the day we all have the same outcome. I think it’s only natural to fear the worst when you know it’s been there for some time, however if my consultant/surgeon had no concerns then I’m happy with that, after all they’re the experts that see this every day ?? how do you feel about having a mastectomy? I can honestly say I am not concerned at all at the thought of losing them? I’ve also to be tested for the BRCA gene and if it comes back positive I wouldn’t have the option anyway, the boobs would have to go, my only concern is my girls would also have to be tested. The positive I can take from that though is they can have preventative surgery which they would both have anyway… I think my girls and I have now discussed every eventuality which is a good thing as we are all prepared no matter what ? I have no doubt we will both be getting good results on Tuesday or possibly Thursday at the latest for me and our chemo should be starting not far apart either, it’ll be good to be able to share our experience and progress and also to celebrate when we kick the big C’s butt!!! Sending you lots of good luck, love and hugs for Tuesday ?? please let me know how you get on, I’ll be thinking of you :heart:xxx

Hi Mad4cavs,
Thank you for posting, I was really interested in whether anyone had a lump there as my oncologist said it’s a rather unusual place to have it ? when do you expect to have surgery and does your lump cause you a lot of pain? Sorry for all the questions it’s just because it’s such an unusual position to have it ? that’s great about the page on fb, I’ll go on and have a look right now, please keep in touch with your progress, love and hugs Roseanne xxx

Hello everyone,


I hope I have chosen the right thread to ask this question on - hopefully not intrupting the flow!


My mother has been diagnosed with Triple negative BC stage 3, and has been undergoing chemo. She is about to do her fourth session soon and is now feeling a hardned area in her healthy breast (the left), she says it is exactly in the same location as where her cancerous tumor was in the right breast - right under the armpit.


However, this was not there a few weeks ago - she is worrying about it and I would like to let her know that it is actually a somewhat common consequence of chemo in it’s causing of the calcification of cysts in healthy breasts. However, I not being a doctor and not having had breast cancer -can only say so much. 


Have any of you ladies experienced this before? And can any of you say based off your experience whether a tumor could possibly grow in another breast whilst undergoing chemo?

Thanks a bunch everyone, you are all inspiring and amazing.


Yas xx


Hello!  My mother who is 70 years old was just diagnosed two weeks ago with TNBC.  She had an initial lumpectomy but just had another yesterday to clear margins.  She had three very small tumors( 9 mm, 7mm. and 1 mm)  also 3 small in situ tumors as well. All nodes were negative.  She is Stage 1.  However, due to the tumors being Grade 3 they highly recommend  she  do the TAC x 6 chemo protocol followed by 6 weeks radiation.  

She has been through all this before when she was 55.  She had Endometrial (uterine) cancer.  Was Stage 3C and was given 6 months to live due to the grade and type of cancer. She had a Sarcoma/ small cell tumor mixed.  Highly aggressive and rare.   She had surgery and chemo!  It’s been 15 years and she’s been perfectly healthy!! 


The doctors at the Cleveland Clinic have told her that this time around the chemo will be very taxing on her and with her age I worry about that.  I know it’s necessary but just want to help as much as I can.  I live out of state and plan on traveling back and forth to help her through the worst of chemo… as she lives alone.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!   The doctors told us women of her age don’t normally get TNBC.  She tested negative for the BRCA 1 & 2 genes.