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Hi Everyone,

My name’s Sophie and I’m 36 and I’ve just been diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I don’t have children yet (my husband and I got married last year and were hoping to start trying this year) so as you can imagine I have so many worries and concerns. I’ve also spent the last year really trying to lose weight and be healthier so it’s just the worst timing! The plan is chemo and surgery and I’m scared about chemo, has anyone got any advice? Thanks so much! Xx

Hi Mrs Sophie c sorry you find yourself on here but glad you’ve reached out to bcn you will need to get your teeth checked by dentist before starting chemo, tell them you are starting chemo and they will get you in get an overnight bag ready in case you do have to stay at all during chemo, it can happen and it’s your team ensuring you get safely through if it does happen, so pj’s short sleeve, hand cream and lip balm it can dry your skin out if you do need a stay drink plenty of fluids during chemo, get a thermometer and keep track of your temp during cycles. I kept a notebook and made notes and wrote questions down I wanted to ask team and their answers, I also kept a graph chart for my temperature readings. Senokot and anosol because the steroids can block you up and Biotene mouth sloosh helped with dry mouth a good book that helped me was surviving triple negative breast cancer by Patricia prijatel, it’s not for everyone but it helped me always talk to your team, they’ve seen it all before and your treatments will be tailored specifically for you be kind to yourself and take it day at a time. Do read and join the chemo thread when you start if you want, you all help each other through and everyone’s here to ask away about things there is breast cancer now ask the nurses, the someone like me option and also the number to call for breast cancer now and do much more that breast cancer now can help you with if you want, use as much or as little as you need everyone’s here :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi Sophie

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, it always such a shock. Shi has covered a lot of important info.

two thoughts to add- please ask for oncotype dx test to make sure you do need chemo.

and if you go for it, please talk to the dr after the fertility preservation treatments,as you mentioned planning the family in the future.

And as for the surgery, whatever your options are, trust your body- it has a good ability to heal.

hello sorry your part of this cancer club no one ones to be a part off. I was 35 when diagnosed with hormonal breast cancer HER- April 2021 when my baba was 7 months old . I am lumpectomy then chemo then radiation then double mastectomy surgery with implants and all my lymph nodes removed I now lost one implant so am flat . I am on hormonal treatments untill my hysterectomy. Chemo tips I would have is get eyebrows tattooed on asap I did this and helped so much as when no eyebrows look sicker than I was . Ask for the strongest antisickness tablets as I was so sick hospitalised twice untill I got on the strong ones . Take one hour at a time . Water water drink as much you can sleep well I got sleeping tabs also . Picc line was life saver as my veins went after first one also so did my hair here in Northern Ireland we don’t have cold cap . Warm cosy clothes for chemo days blanket some books snacks if you can eat something to pass the time . A amazing book ticking off breast cancer I found Instagram help me so much . and another one total guide breast cancer by a breast surgeon who had breast cancer is amazing am still reading it . You have this stay in control cry shout scream is all alone your never alone . Don’t let the bugger win . If I can do it single mama to 3 children one was a baba anyone can do it . God bless you have this x