Recently diagnosed

Hi all


Was diagnosed 1.5.14 with hormone receptive IDC - lumpectomy and lymph node removal scheduled 21.5.14.  All came as a bit of a shock as went for pilot scheme under 50 mammogram… and here I am.


Its been great being able to read others questions as it has answered a lot of the questions running round my head at 3.30am!



Hi juliegal1

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Good that you got your lumpectomy and lymph node removal booked in. I was diagnosed on 14/4/14 with IDC hormone receptive and my surgery is tomorrow.

Been a surreal and horrific four weeks and tomorrow is the first step on a long journey. Hope you are coping with your news and that there is plenty of support from women on here who are going through the same horrible experience as you.

Take care and wish you a speedy recovery xx

Hi juliegal ,thank goodness you went for the pilot scheme , someone’s looking after you,I know so how you feel I’ve been on the site in the early hours since I was diagnosed last thurs and it does help to share your thoughts , fears with girls who are going through the same experience. I am so lucky to have a wonderful sister who has beaten this thing and is able to encourage me , she’s my inspiration and she’s the one I was ringing every hr on the hour last week when my overwhelming panic kicked in, she’s a breast care nurse too so is very knowledgable about everything and reassures me that every ache and pain I seem to have developed since last week is through stress and nothing else!! It’s such a shock and a massive change to our lives to be given this diagnosis , but positively the outcomes these days are really good and if I’m honest as a nurse there are a lot more horrible diagnosis , this one we can BEAT !!! Love Jayne xx