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Well shock is too mild a word for what happened.  Went to hospital for a chronic abscess in right breast that no antibiotic known to man can treat and walk out with breast cancer in the left one.  I have a five year old little girl who took the news well but has turned very clingy yet often pushing me away beacause I have so many sore bits with biopsies, abscess and contraceptive implant removal.  I am very tired (normal I presume).  Operation on 3/7 for sentinal node and wide tissue excision. Travelling to Majorca on 15/7 (hopefully) - cant get insurance but I am gonna wing it.  Radiotherapy starts August.  Scared but hopeful.  Not looking forward to induced menopause though.  Sorry to bore everyone - just needes to get it out XX

i also got told yesterday i have breast cancer feeling the same here lost want to cry but cant want to shout but cant shut down feel so numb devastated dont know what to say think do so lost at the moment x

Hi Katy and Shaaron and welcome to the BCC forums where I am sure you will find the support and understanding you need right now

In addition, our helpliners are on hand with practical and emotional support weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2 on 0808 800 6000 so please feel free to call to talk things through

The following link will take you to our ‘Just diagnosed’ pages where you will find further support ideas and Information which I hope you will find helpful:

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi both , sorry to hear you’ve had to join us, we all know how you are both feeling at the moment , numb, scared, it’s the most surreal experience , you feel as if its a bad dream and you just want to wake up. Believe me when I say that as you progress through the next few weeks things will get better , what you have to remember is that this is beatable, outcomes are excellent , you can and will beat this ,you will get back to the life you had ,it will be a horrible blip in your lives but you will move on. All I can say at this stage having been there myself 4 weeks ago , take each day at a time , be positive, use this forum and the ladies on here who are all going through the same journeys will support you and will know exactly how you are feeling , it’s a lonely journey ,even though you have people around you who love you and want to support you ,but here you are not alone, everyone is here for you and sending you love and support .xxx

Hi Katy and Shaaron


No-one on the Forum will be bored by you sharing your feelings - we’ve all been, or are currently, in your shoes and fully understand your feelings. It’s the place to come to rant and pour out all your feelings.


Yes, it is a shock and you’re at the really anxious time. Once you get as far as beginning treatment it does get a bit easier because at least you’ll feel as though you’re getting rid of the cancer. The waiting periods for tests, diagnosis and results then starting treatment are always the worst.


Hang in there. You’ll get through it with lots of support and practical tips from the ladies (and some gents) on the Forum. Also, as Lucy from BCC says, do give the helpline a call - they can really calm you down when you’re feeling particularly frightened.


Sending you a hug and my best wishes.


Hi Katy
You may also find the BCC book ‘Mummy’s lump’ helpful to look through with your little girl, here’s the link:

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Katy and Shaaron. Welcome to out horrible little club.


I still remember being where you are now. Even though it was four months ago, it is still very clear.


No one can tell you not to worry, it’s impossible. But you will get through this. One very small step at a time.


the booklets you can find on here are very useful. But stick to the recent diagnosis and telling others for now. Breast cancer is like cheese. Loads of different kinds and if you start looking at Dr Google  you will just freak yourselves out. Once you get a full diagnosis, and you know what you are dealing with, things become easier because you can concentrate on your next step.


it is difficult to see a way forward in the beginning, and every day is different, every hour is different, the strangest things send your mind spinning into overdrive.  It’s all ‘normal’.


Just post on here anytime you want, we have all been there, and as others have said the helpline is great if you want to talk. Sometimes talking to a stranger is easier, you don’t have to worry about upsetting them.


but most importantly take it easy and look after yourself. The treatments are never as bad as you think they are going to be and there is loads of help out there if you need it.


take care



thank you all so much for your kind messages iv really got my head around things now yes you may think that may seem a bit fast but if i explain why then it will become clear my son has my mum had lung cancer and passed away my son has hodkins lymphoma cancer and is in remission so yes it was a big shock to my system at first but iv excepted it now and was very upset for the whole weekend and done some very deep thinking and all the encourageing words i use to say to my son came flooding back to me via my son by him saying well mum you know just how to fight cancer because you showed me just how to do it so now its your turn and by gosh he is so right so yes i do know how to do this and iv been today and talked to my mcmillan nurse and made decissions that are right for me my first surgery is this friday to remove the cancer and to find out if it is in the lymph nodes under the arm i have decided on a double mastectomy as i have what they class as lumpy breasts and i will always live in fear that every lump and bump is cancer so because i want a quality life without being at the hospital in fear every week or month i feel this is the right thing for me i feel very positive and very strong i know i will have my bad days and good days but i know i have a good support unit around me that helps alot as well and i have this site as well to help me so thank you xxxx


I have my op 3rd July got 2stage cancer in breast it was a shock went back after biopsy thought it would be a cist my sister had a few years ago when they said it was bad news I dips topped listening the nurse wrote every thing down docter was telling us my husband was with me,I was in shock and on another planet it took me 3days to look at the notes they gave me .then was told the hrt I had been taking for 20 years has fed it so slowly coming off them with headaches going for dye injection on 2nd July per op 24th June ,I know how you feel just the word cancer nearly knocked me on the floor I have lost a lot of family with different cancers never thought it would be me do not smoke drink no red meat only chicken fish salads fruit every day why me you must have thought the same but we will get this done and be ok I have a new granddaughter 2weeks old I want to see her grow up I have been telling every one to go for mama grams do not miss appointments if I had not gone for mine and left it another year I would not be here next year all the best to you xxx

You are not boring anyone it is good to say what you think have a good holiday xxx

Hi sharron, I’m feeling exact same as you done loads of crying in the beginning, 4 weeks ago had surgery now waiting to start chemo and so scared, my emotions apart from panic and anxiety feel totally shut down I so want to have a cry and it’s not happening still keep wishing I’ll wake up from this nightmare.

Joanne xxxxx

Hi,I am new to the forum.I was diagnosed on the 4th June,it’s one day I will never don’t think it will happen to you,but I have never said to myself why me,why not me.I had a holiday booked the week after my results,but I went and have just got back was a good tonic for me.I am going in for a lumpectomy on the 1st of July and my lymph nodes checked and biopsy’s the waiting for the results is the worst,I have good days and bad days.but I am trying to stay positive and beat this bc.I have a very supportive family ,but I know by talking to other people who are in the same situation has me will help me through this journey x