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hi this is Michelle boogi 11 wife . I found out last Friday that I have stage 1 invasive ductual carcinoma . This came as abut shock to us . I have 2 kids and am feeling very emotional and don’t think it has quite sunk in yet what has happened . A m booked in for my op on the 7 th June . Would like to be in touch with people who are going through the same as me . Or who have already  had an op to remove lump so know what to expect after this procedure . 

Hi Michelle, welcome to the forum although of course you don’t really want to be here as we well know! It’s an awful shock when you are first diagnosed and will take you a while to begin to accept it but it will happen, I was diagnosed with Grade 1 IDC in March last year and had a lumpectomy and Sentinal node biopsy followed by Radiotheraphy and am now taking Tamoxifen, I’ve recently had my 1st year all clear and am happy, healthy and enjoying life, things will get easier honestly,  you will get through this and get your life back Xx Jo 

Hi Michelle,


I read Boogi’s posts also, so I know a bit of the background. It is a shocking time, the shock can at times become anger, or grief, or fear, or desperation…or any in a range of emotions. It is normal to feel all these, and more, during the time following diagnosis. I had my lumpectomy on April 19th as a day surgery case. At the same time two lymph nodes , the sentinel nodes where removed and biopsied to see if any cancer cells had moved to the lymph system. This was the first part of my treatment and I am having radiotherapy starting next week. I was also stage 1, which is early and means you have been diagnosed at a ‘good’ time ( if you know what I mean). There are some very useful fact sheets on this site talking about the lumpectomy procedure and any number of other treatments, but I am gathering that at the moment you haven’t had a full treatment plan put in place. I will say, that once the lump is remove and once you start your treatment plan you start to feel calmer and more ‘back in control’. I am happy to answer any questions you might have, so rather than giving you a blow by blow account of my lumpectomy surgery I will await anything you want to know.


Charys xxx

Hi Michelle,


Welcome to the forum that nobody wants to join. So sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis. You will find loads of support and advice on here.


I joined this forum after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer on my right breast on 7th April. Basically I found a lump, went to GP, referral to Breast Clinic where I had a mammogam, ultrasound, fine needle biopsy and core biopsy. Was told I had Breast Cancer, no other information. I know a lot of people on here are given an indication of type, grade, stage etc. but I asked and was told they couldn’t tell me until they had performed a lumpectomy and Sentinal Node Biopsy.


I had my lumpectomy and SNB (3 nodes removed) last Wednesday. The op went fine and I am recovering well at the moment, 4 days on. My BCN (Breast Cancer Nurse), it’s amazing how quickly you pick up the “lingo” abbreviations, is pretty crap to be honest but my Breast Surgeon is nice. She never told me about wearing a sports bra etc. 24 hours for approx 6 weeks or anything much really, just gave me a Breast Cancer Care booklet which led me here. I have found it really helpful to speak to other women who are in a similar situation to me at the moment. I’ve picked up loads of little tips from using breast pads to help cushion you between your dressing and your bra, to more important stuff like not having blood taken, injections on the same arm as the lymph nodes were removed.


I “lurked” on the forum for a few days before I had the courage to post.


Please have a browse on the Newly Diagnosed board and feel free to ask any questions you might have. I am pretty sure someone will have an answer for you, no matter how silly the question may seem.


It’s a real rollercoaster of emotions right now isn’t it. I have gone through every emotion possible, including and denial, anger, Why Me? to days when I am more positive. I get the results from my surgery on Thursday and am very anxious about this.


Take care and Best Wishes.


Hazel. xx

Hi Michelle.
I found my lump at Easter on good Friday, went to my doctors on the Tuesday and was referred to my local hospital two weeks later on the following Friday. Had an ultrasound, was told the lump was not a cyst so had a biopsy. The week later I had my diagnosis, it was an invasive ductal carcinoma. Grade 3. Shock wasn’t the word. I was asked to have a mammogram. I had to then have a core biopsy using the mammogram machine which was awful.
My surgery, a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy was performed on the 11th. I am currently waiting to hear the results from my surgery. They should be ready tomorrow but have been told they may not be back in time.
I’m having good days and very bad days. It depends on how my incisions are feeling. Today the one under my arm feels tight. That is the one that I feel the most through the day. The exercises do help so when you have had your surgery make sure you do them.
You will find that the waiting is what most ladies on the site hate most of all. You want to be in control and it’s hard not knowing what is going to happen next. I’m new to all this too and I hope I have been a little help to you in your situation.
This site has been brilliant as you find out so much about the different treatments that can be offered and the effects of those treatments. It helps you prepare for what is to come.
Love Sonya

Hi Michelle, I had my results 2 weeks later, they gave me my appointment date before i left the hospital after my op, you should still be able to go home if your op is in the afternoon, they only like to keep you for a couple of hours after,i would have gone home at midnight if need be,no way was i staying in! I was driving after about 8 days or so and felt fine doing short journeys out and about Xx

Hi Michelle,

So sad to see you here, but also so glad that you have joined us! There is so much support on the varying threads available to you - so explore freely - and gain as much from the experiences as possible.


I am sure you have already figured out - that all of our cancers have commonalities, but also affect us in very individual ways. A treatment plan for the same diagnosis can vary depending on the individual person, depending on age, fitness, etc., etc. Please do not be upset, when you read about the more challenging parts of our treatment regimes - again some of us struggle more than others.

It will be a bit of a roller coaster for you over the next few months, and I wish for you it is more up than down.


I gather your husband is into motor biking - so this might be an important piece of advice for you - During/before or after your operation they might to do a sentinal node biopsy - to remove your first ‘bunch’ of lymph nodes for testing. If this happens, then you are at risk of lymphoedema in the arm on the side of your operation, life long. To reduce the risk - no more injections/blood pressure taking on that arm - and avoid injury to that arm - so you might want to consider some additional soft padding or armour for your bike jacket for that arm, as well as wearing an appropriate medic alert bracelet or tag around your neck stating this.


Wishing you all the luck in the world on your journey - and shall look out for you.


Hi Michelle, I had a ‘wide local excision’ (WLE) to remove the lump & removal of 2 nodes, this was done on mid Friday afternoon & home the same day. Like you, my nodes were clear on ultrasound, which is good news (my BCN said ultrasound was 85% accurate, but obviously node biopsy gives the definitive result).

I saw the surgeon exactly 2 weeks later for the results, but was advised it may take up to 3 weeks.  

My surgeon was always careful to advise that further surgery may be necessary depending on the results, which is the norm, fortunately, the lump was removed with good margins, so nothing further was needed.

As I only had 2 nodes removed - through the same incision - I’ve had no problems with lymphodema.

I then had a ‘Netflix & chill’ weekend, before getting back to more usual activities the following week.

do take care




Hi Michelle. I am at PCH the same I believe as you. I can’t praise them enough.
Results typically take two weeks but that is also to give them time to discuss your case at the Multidisciplinary Team meeting or MDT for short. That is attended by the surgeons breast care nurses oncologists radiologists and others I can’t remember. Every case is discussed and a recommended treatment to plan drawn up. When you go for your results you will be given a summary to take away but it is very open and you will be referred to an oncologist to discuss further treatment. Depending on your results that may or may not be chemo but will definitely be radiotherapy as you already know it is cancer. They will give you as much time as you need. The BCNs are all fab as is Dr (removed due to Ts and Cs) who did my results clinic and works with all the surgeons.
The ward are lovely. Top tip take some nice bottled drinks the water is warm and the hot drinks not tasty. It is women’s health so will be a mix of gynaecology and breast surgery but you will be well looked after.
It’s a rubbish time but every one is there to help you through it. Don’t get too hung up on what other hospitals offer that was a mistake I made and looking back we all get to the same conclusion.
I’ve been very fortunate in that a close friend from work has a niece who is 3 months ahead of me so has been able to talk to me about what happens here and I am more than happy to do the same.
But first of all concentrate on getting through the op. You will be back driving all being well quite quickly.
Love and hugs xx

Hi Michelle, sorry you have been diagnosed and are having to deal with the inevitable shock that comes with it.  I was diagnosed on Feb 11th. It is stage 1, grade 2. er/pr+, her2-.  I had a lumpectomy and SNB with 4 nodes removed on 1st March (at 2pm - went home at 5.30pm). The nodes were clear but unfortunately an area of dcis at the margin meant re-excision on 15th March.  The wound healed both times very quickly, but the node removal was a bit more painful. Make sure you do the exercises as this will help you to recover more quickly. I had an intermediate Oncotype recurrence score of 28 and was lead to believe that chemo would be given but my oncologist said that he would only recommend chemo for a high recurrence score and that the risks outweighed any benefit so it was to be Tamoxifen and radiotherapy.  Telling our children (2 boys almost 11 & 14) was very hard and they just sobbed, but as the weeks have gone by and things are pretty much back to normal they take my hospital appointments in their stride and a question of “how was your hospital appointment today?” is as normal to them as asking “whats for dinner?”!


Emotionally I was very up and down for the first few weeks, I’d be ok one minute and crying the next, everything became very overwhelming.  I think the turning point was when I went back to work as my life became a bit more “normal”.  I started taking Tamoxifen in April and will have my 8th radiotherapy session today.


It will get easier as you get treatment plans in place and feel more in control of your life again.  I feel very relieved that I did find my lump when I did before it had time to start taking over and dread the thought of what might have been if I hadn’t. My consultant said that I must have an angel looking over my shoulder as the lump was small and hard for her to feel!  This site has been a godsend for information and reading some of the posts has helped put my mind at rest many times.


Wishing you all the best Michelle from (another) Michelle xx