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Hi I found out 2 weeks ago that I have small lump in right breast and am booked in for lumpectomy and lymph node removal on 23rd. It’s all very positive at the moment. Picked up at routine mammogram small grade 1 etc. I know that their are lots of ladies out there with far worse prognosis but in the small hours I get very angry afraid and upzet. Why me? Will it get worse. Everyone is telling me that that it’s good news nothing to worry about and that’s making me feel even more emotional. Is this normal. Sorry to sound so weak. I have always had a very responsible job and am a control freak. Not being j in control at the moment is driving me mad

 Hi, I’m sorry you’ve had to join us but welcome all the same ?

It’s totally normal to feel angry and upset, Cancer is cancer regardless of the severity of your diagnosis, I had a grade1 stage1 but it still freaked me out, everyone was full of positivity around me while I was having a melt down! 


My treatment was all straight forward though and I’m 3 years on now and doing fine. You will find once you’ve had your op and know what happens next you will get some control back.

lumpectomy is done as a day op and nothing like I’d imagined, only had a bit of discomfort and no real pain at all. It all gets easier and less frightening as you go along and always plenty of help and advice here for you Xx Jo 

Jo Thanks for coming back so quickly. I have been reading other comments on site since posting and what is clear is that is so much support and personal knowledge from this community. I am sure it won’t be the last time I post. Really appreciate your message. Thank you x

Hi mcn. Thank goodness for mammograms hey? Mine was also found this way on 23rd March. I am now 4 weeks post op and waiting start of radiotherapy treatment and hormone tabs of which I have already got but start taking once rads are complete. It is quite normal to feel how you feel and the melt downs and the appearance of the anxiety gremlin who arrive many times without warning are also very normal. My advice is take each day as it comes not easy I know but it helps if you can. Try not to google but come on here and ask any questions as there will always be someone who can answer for you. I to am a bit of a control freak and similar with my job and you are right the fact you can’t control this is hard. All I kept telling myself was I am now under the control of fantastic surgeons who know exactly what they are doing. My cancer was grade 3 and had wle and snb and it went well and like jobey says it is nothing you imagine. Join the May going through treatment surgery thread once you have had surgery as all ladies in there will be in similar situations. I am still in the April thread albeit ready to move to the rads thread but ladies still there who I have got to know so hanging around till they move out also. This place is amazing and so are the ladies here and sure has helped me get to where I am today.

Hi mcn

It’s a big shock when you get a cancer diagnosis, however early a stage it is at, so of course you will be feeling all sorts of emotions right now. As a fellow control freak I identify with that one, and finding out as much as possible about breast cancer and its treatment was my way of coping. (Use this site though, not general Googling, otherwise you’ll scare yourself silly with inaccurate and out of date info.)


Like you I had WLE and sentinel lymph node out 18 months ago, followed by radiotherapy and now just a hormone tablet daily with minimal/no side effects. I was very surprised at how soon I got my life back and now don’t think about cancer much at all, except coming onto his forum occasionally to see if there is someone at an early stage of diagnosis that I can reassure.


I wish well-meaning people didn’t tell you that it’s “nothing to worry about.” You are allowed to say that, :smileyhappy: but unless they’ve heard those words “you have cancer” from a surgeon themselves they really have no idea! It is true that prognosis is excellent for those of us lucky enough to have an early diagnosis but I’d defy anyone not to worry, especially in the early stages of treatment. It does get easier as time goes on, but don’t beat yourself up for being human!

All the best for your surgery and keep in touch with the forum. x

Thank you ladies. I wish I had found this forum before i went online and found an American one which put the absolute fear of god into me. Have now deleted from my search engine. Feel much better having read threads on here. I am sure that this will not be the last time you hear from me. Best wishes to all of you in your continuing journeys xx

Like you mine was picked up exactly the same through a routine mammogram. Thank god for screening. All sorts of thoughts go through your head when you first get the news. You found the forum and its supportive and a mine of information. I had my surgery 2.5 weeks ago. Very sore still but getting better daily. Anger, fear, upset, crying is all normal. Be reasurred that it has been picked up early. 

Get a front fastening bra and front fastening clothes to wear afterwards. Follow the advice given and good luck x