Recently diagnosed ?

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed last week with grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma. Surgery is booked 8th November for a lumpectomy and nipple removal then 3 weeks of radiotherapy.

it’s all happened so quickly.  I’ve been looking through threads but I can’t read the first post for some reason.

i couldn’t find any info specific to my cancer.

ive been showing a brave face especially to my children, but inside I’m terrified xx

Hi Diane.

First of all breathe, I guarantee it won’t be as bad as you are thinking it will be.

There a thread for people unDer going surgery in November. Join in and there’ll be loads of people to ask questions and compare notes with which is always reassuring to know that what you are gong through and thinking is completely normal.

Good luck.

Hi Diane,

First of all, welcome & glad you found us.

It is a shock when diagnosed, so what you’re feeling is quite normal.

Your diagnosis is the most common one, most of us have an IDC diagnosis & mine was grade 2 like yours.

Do you know if it’s er+ (hormone positive) yet?

There is a load of information available & do look at the main BCC site where there is information on all aspects of diagnosis, treatment & recovery. 

You will get your head around it & it does settle down when treatment starts.

Unlike other forums, the threads are in reverse order, in that the most recent post is the one you come to first at the top of the thread (page 1 - if there’s more pages).

Do come & ask anyhthing you want to here, between us all we’ve been through all that bc can throw at us.

ann x




Thank you for your help.  I realised I could find useful info using the search bar doh! 

Im glad I found this forum it’s lovelybto speak to people who know exactly what it’s like. Xx

HI Diane,

I have the same diagnosis as you, IDC grade 2, I’ve got lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy scheduled for 12th, was diagnosed on 18th September so good things are moving so quickly for you, I’ll have radiotherapy in the new year too. I’m feeling really positive and outlook is good. Good luck with everything! X

Thank you for replies ? I’m having a quadrantectomy with/without grisotti flap now. I don’t know the Her thing yet lol x