Recently diagnosed

Following a recent mammogram and biopsy, I have been diagnosed with primary tubular breast cancer, I was so confident everything would be fine so was in shock when I was told last week. I have an app tomorrow with my b c nurse to discuss more but am feeling pretty numb at the moment… just wanted to reach out to others who have experienced the same. Thankyou 



Numb is fine. We run the whole gamut of emotions and reactions here and I have to say numb served me well through a lot of my treatment. Breast cancer is a unique (?) illness in that you feel absolutely fine till you fear or have a diagnosis. Then you feel very emotional till the treatments start. Then you feel ill from the surgery and whatever treatments you need. It’s a case of ignorance was bliss but reality saves your life.


It isn’t an easy ride but you really are in the safest position now, with a team of specialists who will know what’s best for your particular illness. Learn to trust them and be vocal about your doubts and fears or they won’t know or be able to help. Meantime, learn as little or as much as you need to learn from trusted sources like Breast Cancer Now, Macmillan and your breast care nurse. Please don’t use Google. Google is often way out of date or way above our heads, doesn’t take individual circumstances into consideration and has no respect for emotions. Steer clear, tempting though it is.


You said you felt confident everything would be fine. Two words destroyed that. Now try to rediscover it because everything will be fine - just a nasty hiccup in the way first. Good luck with your hiccup and I hope it doesn’t last long.