recently diagonised and scared of what's going to happen


I have just had tests and been told i have a 4cm lump in my right breast that is cancerous.I have been told it’s primary breast cancer and it has spread to 2 lymph nodes but it’s contained to have a bone scan and ct scan on Wednesday been told it’s procedure then they want me to have chemotherapy then leading to an op to get the lump out then radiotherapy for 3 wks after.altogether I have been told i cant work for about 6 months.I’m scared as I’m convinced I’m on a later stage of cancer and it’s not early stages like I’ve been told.looking for anyone in the same situation as me who could help me with my anxiety and worry over what im facing.


Hi I’m sorry your feeling so worried it’s not nice when first diagnosed. All I can say is the surgeon oncologist breasts nurses were all great and I was well looked after as you will be too. I’ve had a year off work and starting back this Tuesday coming. 

Once your plan is in place and you start treatment things will seem better. I too had a pet scan as two nodes involved and it was all clear but yes it is worrying waiting for results, but when that’s out the way you can just deal with the treatments to get you better. 

Have you been assigned a breast nurse? Also you can ring and chat to people on this site for reassurance and advice, I rang a few times just to talk it out. There are fab and it helps.

Vic xxxxxx

Hi there 

I can understand your fear on being sent for a bone scan I was in bits absolutely petrified but this is routine when the cancer has gone to the lymph nodes.

i actually had the nerve shakes all through the scan & the week waiting for results I was so anxious thankfully all came back clear. As hard as it is try & keep a positive face my Cancer nurse was amazing & talked to me lots on the phone so reach out & ask for help & try meditation apps I found this helped too.

This site is helpful with lovely ladies we are all going through the same journey & I found great comfort reading stories of pink warriors reaching the finish line ? 

I will get there & so will you.

keep strong ???Nicky