Recently had surgery

I had a bilateral wire guide lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy on the 5th. Apart from the expected soreness, swelling and so forth I also have an almost constant headache. Is this normal do you think or should I be concerned. Has anyone else felt the same. Also sleep is an issue.

Hello Angie,

Do you think that it could be your stress and anxiety levels are very high, causing the headache and insomnia ? Lets be honest after BC surgery and during this process, it would be unusual for them not to be high.

I don’t know if the GA itself could cause an issue in this way after surgery (I see your post was 3 days ago, so maybe you are feeling better by now ?) but for any unexplained symptom is always worth contacting the experts and running it past your BCN - who will then run it past your consultant after they assess it. There could be a linked explanation, physically, but its not something I’ve experienced I’m afraid and those trained medics will know the answer :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope you are feeling better by now though.