Recommendations for electric shaver for armpits post snb

Hi all

Ive always had problems with shaving rashes in armpits using wet razor so I tend to shave less often. I have tried dry shaving with electric but I still get problem but to a lesser degree. The gadget I used was quite broad… any recommendations as to best shaver to get and tips for reducing risk of reactions.

thanks xx

I find rubbing a bit of talcum powder onto my armpits helps to stop the shaver dragging. I was using one from Waitrose that was talc free called SenSpa, which smelled lovely but was £4.50 for 100g until I realised it was actually just scented cornflour and I could buy that for 75p for 250g!

In general, I think that the Panasonic Arc5 is the best wet dry electric shaver, an inexpensive one that is great for traveling. Considering that it copes well with its main function - it shaves cleanly - it is often used regularly at home. By the way, additional confirmation of the reliability and durability of the device is a 2-year warranty from Remington TM.

I’ve just had a lumpectomy and have been told that I can no longer use a razor, so I was pleased to see this post. Am I allowed to ask for advice on which shaver to buy ? Thanks.

i am using PANASONIC ES-ED90-P and it is working well for the past I used Braun silk 7 but that was sharp and was not good for charging.and this epilator is best and soft.