Recommended for prothesis

Hi all, I had a lumpectomy on 14 May this year, thankfully there was no spread and lymph nodes were clear. I finished 15 sessions of rads on 15th July and skin has just about returned to normal apart from the sunburn effect and the odd bit of itching.
I only found out I had Breast cancer when I decide to have a Breast augumentation, this wasn’t for vanity reasons nor with a desire to end up looking like Jordan, just to be a normal womanly shape without having to wear padded bras etc. Anyway to cut a long story short I now have one breast which is a d cup that still has an implant and the other one which is now probably an A cup so I am quite lobsided. I have been told I can have surgery in 6 - 8 months to rectify this once I have healed from the effects of the rads but on wednesday my Oncologist told me she won’t be recommending me for a prothesis for the waiting period as it will be difficult to find a match for my cup size and to fit with my breast that has been treated with radiotherapy.
I find this quite confusing as I have read posts from other ladies who are a larger cup size and have a prothesis, at the moment all I have is the softie that they gave me after surgery which is not suitable under some clothes. I have bought a trulife swimform which I find gives a really good shape in pocketed bras and the Lady in the shop recommended using this on Holiday rather than a prothesis. Has anyone else done this & if so how did you find it?
Sorry if this seems a silly question but I don’t want to be going on holiday ill prepared in this department.

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Fresia67, look at the website of Amoena, as they do the widest rangeof prostheses i have come across, including for boosting where there has been WLE and radiotherapy. My surgeon was not involved in any of the decisions re prosthesis, do you have a breast cancer nurse who can help you with this? Or ring the Helpline? This really does not seem right, it is very demoralising being lopsided.
Wishing you luck with this!

Thank you for your reply Lavenderlassie, I was given the impression that if I wasn’t recommended for a prosthesis then I couldn’t’ have one. I will try my BC nurse and see what she says. Thank you for your advice and hope things are as well as can be expected with you.

I have been told to wait 3 months after the end of treatment. Then to call BCN and they will arrange a fitting for a prosthesis. I finished radiotherapy 3 weeks ago so am stuck with my softy for a while yet.

I was told by the BCNs to make an appointment for trying out different prostheses when my scar had settled after surgery and seroma, I didn’t have rads so guess you have to factor that in too, but overall it all seemed to be their province, so ask them nicely and you may find they say, just come along and see us. If no joy, do ask via the Helpline.

I got my prosthesis straight after my radiotherapy which finished in March - still don’t wear it at the weekends though (unless I’m going out!) as it’s so heavy!