Can anyone tell me what’s the guidelines on having recon on mastectomy site and uplift or implant on healthy breast? Is this possible on NHS? If not can anyone share the results on recon on one breast? I can’t see how I will look much better with a new breast and a droopy old one lol. Many thanks in advance xx

Hi. I had a recon on mast side 6 months after my mastectomy I wanted to use this time to find out which was the right op for me and not be rushed into something I didn’t want. Although I am sure had I been offered one at the time I would have said yes. You don’t want your body to change and just want it to look the same.I opted for LD flap with implant. I was lucky to have private medical through work so used this. I could have it done on NHS but there was a waiting list. Once I had made my mind up I just wanted it done. That was 2 years ago and I have been really pleased with the results. The only thing I would say is the recon breast never changes so if you lose/ gain weight it stays the same. Following weight loss, this year I decided to have op for my other breast to match. I am pleased with the results and now have a matching pair! Only slightly panicking if I put the weight back on my healthy breast will change but the other one won’t!  Hope this helps . I think you have to do what is right for you and be guided by your consultant. Xx

Hi Elja

I’ve had my reconstruction on the NHS.  It’s always been referred to as a procedure and never an operation as it will take more than one operation.  I had mx in September 2014 and then had TUG flap (using my thigh) in October 2016.  In a couple of weeks I am having my remaining breast uplifted and reduced and liposculpting on the reconstruction side to give some volume to the top.  My surgeon is a plastic surgeon and will keep going until I am happy but likewise has said it is my body and I can say stop at any time.  Originally before surgery I didn’t know how I would cope being lopsided and unbalanced but you just get on with it and time soon flies.  I was referred to the plastic surgery department at East Grinstead Queen Victoria hospital as the type of reconstruction I had couldn’t be done in my original hospital.  Research what type of reconstruction is best for you not just what type they can offer and if necessary ask to be referred to a plastics specialist, you jay have a longer wait but it will be worth it.

Hi Elja, I had a dbl mastectomy in 2015 with recon as soon as the mastectomy was over. I would never recommend this to anyone! The pain from the surgery was terrible, but the pain from the spacing implants made it almost unbearable. Definitely give yourself time to heal before you decide which way you want to go. If I had it to do over, I would probably only have the one breast removed and no reconstruction at all…maybe a cool tattoo!

I had immediate recon with implant and didn’t suffer the pain tlallman describes. I had mine done privately in sept 14 but private health stopped in November 16. I’ve transferred to my surgeon under NHS and want further symmetry work - but because it’s over 2 years since diagnosis she has to apply for funding.

A friend had all her recon and implant in goood side on NHS - several ops over 2 years to get it right but now looks fantastic!

I understand that the DIEP (tummy) recon with no implant is the best and it adjusts with the rest of your body as it’s all natural body tissue.

Do loads of research and ask to see photos / meet ladies who’ve had the work done. You have to live with it so find what is best for you.

Look at the Surgery posts in Going through treatment section.