RECON Op in Oxford

Anybody had their op in Oxford ? Going in on Tuesday for free TRAM flap with Mr Birch.

hi, sorry that i can’t say i have had my op in oxford… but i am going to and it is a tram and it is with me birch! my date is the 10th of june, so still have some waiting time. i would love to keep in touch with you and find out all that happens.

i’m sure all will be well, they have been really good here so far. when did you have your mastectomy? i had mine in july last year. i expect you are going in tomorrow evening, i’ll be thinking about you and hoping all goes well.just think of what you have accomplished so far!! this is the beginning of the end…

take care,


i had free tram flap in oxford Dec 2008, not my birch though.


hi sarah and debsy,

would love to hear from you concerning your ops… wether with mr birch or not… my op is 2 weeks away… how have you done? what was it like in the jr? and how is the recovery going… any info would be gratefully recieved,



I had mast Dec 05 and free tram flap Dec 07.

Op was long (and long wait) but I recover quick and was home 5 days later.

I took 9 weeks off work was out walking after about 3/4 weeks, wasn’t confident to drive for about 8 weeks as my tummy was emtremly tight. After a couple more months back in high impact areobic and body conditioning classes + swimming and the gymn. (I can do all the tummy excersies I just take extra care with the lower muscles).

The JR is good, but its big and busy, the new wing is very clean and modern and its not just BC plastics its also ENT so a mixture of patients and bays. When I first got there they didn’t have a room for me so I was put in a bay opposite a poor woman having the most tremendous nose bleed, I’m not good with blood and also didn’t want to join in the coversations with relatives and patients why we were in there, so I pulled the curtain. Luckily I did get my room after a couple of hours and it was big with ensuite, (which is great for my kids visiting) it was also right by the nurses station which was convenient as you have to get checked every 2 hours.

When I woke up I was surprised at how painful it was to move my arms, apparently they get taped in crucifix style so put essentials in reach before you go down to theatre (especially your mobile phone and face wipes).

I am really pleased with my results, its good to be back in clothes without constantly checking the neck line, I have also had the nipple recon and tatoo done recently.

Good luck

Debbie x

thank you so much debbie,

great advise, i’m glad you came back to me and to hear you are pleased with the op. it will be really be good to just get dressed one day instead of fixing the boob in place etc,a cleavage again!!1

thanks again,



Hi Lenny
Just found this post - I have sent you a message

hi im jude im 35 and a brca1 carrier ive been offered a double masectomy and recon and i had a keyhole oopherectomy last year at the john radcliffe oxford and they were fantastic home on the 2nd day with very little pain the staff and docs were great goodluck jude

hi jude,

just to say that my recon is over, nearly 5 weeks since op. i’m loving my new boob and have had amazing care from the staff at jr. so if you go for mx and recon you will be in great hands,



well done you your so brave and glad it went well for you they are great at the jr i was booked in for my double masectomy feb this year but chickened out stil deciding when im ready i wasnt ready in feb goodluck and hope the futures bright takecare jude

Didn’t need a mastectomy but had all my treatment at the Radcliffe on the NHS. I don’t know which ward you will be in but I was in the Jane Ashley ward which was superb. All ladies who have breast problems, and nurses very kind and attentive. Couldn’t fault this at all. Must say I didnt like the attitude of my surgeon who was of the old school (not Mr Birch!!)and not a great communicator but his skills (or the skills of his junior) were excellent. Think myself very lucky after reading about some of the other women’s experiences in hospital.