RECON - was it worth it.

RECON - was it worth it.

RECON - was it worth it. I waited 5 years between my mastectomy and recon and although I’m hopeful that it will all be worth it, right now I’m starting to wonder. I feel as if my back is stapled to my chest, which I suppose in a way it is. The pain is almost unbearable. I’m a bit confused also, as to what I’m supposed to do about dressings and stitches. The hospital made me an appointment for 5 weeks after the surgery but didn’t mention whether I have to arrange to have the stitches removed or whether they are disolvable or what. They are really pulling now and very uncomfortable. I’d really like to hear other people’s experiences - do you think I should make an appointment with my own doctor.


reply Hi Sharon

I am not in quite the same position as you. I had a mastectomy and immediate LD reconstruction last August. I had an appointment made for me two weeks after the operation and went back every two weeks as I had a blister from the tape which was slow to heal. I had no exterior stitches to be removed. The hospital were very good and told me to phone at any time if I had any problems

Would I be possible for you to contact the hospital and ask for your appointment to be brought forward?

If not, I would definitely make an appointment with your own doctor as you really should not have to suffer the pain and discomfort.

Take care and I hope you improve soon


hi Sharon

5 weeks is a bloody long time, i had an appointment about two weeks after where the nurse changed the dressing and gave me advice. My stitches were disolvable but it does sound as though you need some attention as I havent had any pain. Get in touch with the hospital or breast nurse first thing there the best people.

good luck