Reconstruction after 10 years!!!

Reconstruction after 10 years!!!

Reconstruction after 10 years!!! Hi everyone,
Just had a letter with a date for my diep recon next month. This will be the second attempt as the first op was cancelled due to my bmi being higher than the guidelines suggest.I’m still in the same position and have tried everything to lose weight, including slimming pills from my doctor. Have any other ‘curvacious’ ladies had similar problems?
Any suggestions would be welcome as after 10 years of being well I’m feeling jittery about such a big op.I’m having my recon done at Leicester, anyone had the op done here?


Weighty worries!!! Hi Christine

Ten years on…inspirational!!! I have been hearing all the bad news stories lately and feeling my mortality, it is really encouraging to hear from someone who is so far down the line - I will also try to focus on the positives!

I too am waiting for a diep, in Salisbury. I have private insurance but have found that as it is such a specialised op I cannot get it done privately. I am a larger lady (size 18) and I would love to lose a stone before surgery…however, I too am struggling. My surgeon did not mention this as an issue but I feel it would be a good thing to do.

I am sure you will get your op and feeling a new woman will surely help with any weight isue too!!!

I wish you lots of luck!!!

Jan xx

Recon on!!! Hi Jan
I just wanted to thank you for your words of encouragement!
I’ve been for my pre-op appointment today and will know tomorrow if surgery will actually happen. There is still a bit of a dilemna over the weight issue, but as I’m otherwise in good working order my consultant is happy to go ahead.

I must admit that I’m more worried about having a breast added than I was about having it removed!!! However I’m determined to steel myself and go ahead.I too have private insurance but will be having the op done on the NHS. Hey, at least we’ll get to blow the hospital allowance on some snazzy little low cut numbers!!!

I can tell that you are a very positive lady [like myself] and I’m sure you will soon begin to relax about your future. I promise you that one morning you will just wake up and realise that you can plan years ahead rather than months!!!

Take care

Christine x