Reconstruction after double mastectmony


I am facing breast reconstruction on both breast after double mastectmony on 15th December. 


I have been offered a number of options but an going for an implant with tissue expander.


I wondered if anyone else has had this surgery ??


I have a number of questions. 

Hi I had db mx and was advised to,have tissue expanders first that were replaced by silicone implants. I had numerous problems with them due to my op being done so soon after chemo! Also I had radiotherapy! I was treated in Cyprus. 2 years later I have jus had db DIEP in U.K. And wish I had done this first!! It is a big op I am now 3 months post op! Get all the information you can and hopefully this will help you make the right decision for you. If you haven’t had rads implants should be fine.

Deborah I’m not sure where you live but the charity Keeping Abreast do show and tell evenings and you listen and get to see the results of at least 10 ladies that have undergone different types of reconstruction. If you’ve had radiotherapy I’d certainly look into flap type reconstruction as my plastic surgeon said he’d had to replace so many implants due to capsulating after radiotherapy. I had the Tug flap reconstruction using my thigh and although it was a major operation I am completely back to normal (5 months post surgery) and delighted with the natural look and feel of my new breast. Good luck with your reconstruction. X