Reconstruction after IBC

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How is everybody? Hope you are all bearing up as well as can be :))

Would welcome anybody’s positive/negative opinion on reconstruction after IBC. Quick history diagnosed 24/12/10 had 6 months chemo FEC and Tax, mastectomy, 6 months herception, and 15 sessions radiotherapy finishing Nov 2011. Ive got my appointment to meet with surgeon in May 2012 with regards recon and to be frank I don’t know if I can be a***d to get it done. Excuse my french!!! However there are pro’s and con’s on both sides but I have an overwhelming paranoid belief that having it done will cause the cancer to return even though I have been reassured by my oncologist/consultant it will not. I cannot override this paranoia!!!

On the flip side I long for the freedom of regaining some normality and been able to slip on my usual bras with no added constraints ahhhh blisssss!!!

Is there anybody else who felt this way and made a decision they lived to regret/rejoice, which ever. Your opinions would be most appreciated.

Take care all xx

Ibc lady here too. But I had my recon done at same time as mx, so a little different scenario from yours. Sounds like you are perhaps not so keen on reconstruction right now, having only just finished such a long time of treatment? Perhaps you need a break from it all to gather your strength? If you are not ready or not sure yet then you can surely delay the decision? Your surgeon or BCN should be able to advice. The helpline may be useful too.
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I have just completed my treatment (chemo, mastectomy, radiotherapy) and had both IDC and IBC.

At present I want to like you get back to normal and have recon done, but I am giving a lot of thought to the how rather more than the what if. If anything I am more concerned about IBC coming back in my remaining boob than the new one.

I have not got my appointment with surgeon as yet still early days but I don’t think that I can not have it done.

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Hi I have been through the usual treatments, chemo ,mx, rads and now herceptin and hormone tablets. Although I am stage 4 and can’t be considered for recon until I have been stable for 2 years, at this point in time( 4 months since end of active treatment) I just don’t want to go down that line , I feel I have been through so much already, the thought of more surgery really does not appeal !I was told recon is a much longer and more complicated operation than a mx.
Maybe in 2 years time I will feel differently, but at my age(54)its not a big deal to me.
We are all different and only you can make this decision ,it’s not like all the stuff we had no choice to go through in order to survive.


Sorry if I am hijacking this thread but I was about to start a similar one myself.

I was diagnosed April 2012 and have just had my first chemo, so MX and ANC is several months in the future for me. I will also be having rads. However I have been thinking about whether to go for reconstruction (immediate or delayed) if its offered. I realise I have to make this decision myself but would be interested in other people’s experiences.

I am 46 and have large breasts on a small frame (32F) which are starting to sag and I expect the good one to continue its downward journey over the next few years. The IBC has made a mess of the skin on the affected breast.

Although a reconstruction would mean I felt more natural when undressed, I might keep worrying that the cancer has come back, particularly if the reconstruction is firmer than my natural breast, as this might feel like the IBC does at the moment. If it does come back (eg to the skin) I don’t want to have to go through repeated surgery to keep undoing and redoing the reconstruction. Also, if I am still around in 10 years time I would like to have reasonably evenly matched breasts that look natural for my age rather than a reasonably pert 46-year-old breast and a sagging 56-year-old one. If I went for a protheses I could just change it as my good breast ages naturally.

I would welcome your thoughts / experiences.


I was dx in June 2008, had 6 rounds of chemo, a mx, then 5 weeks of radiotherapy.

I had a DIEP recon in Feb 2011, I am so glad I did and still have a little bit of tidying up to do but it is looking amazing. BTW I was 53 years old at the time of the recon. It is nice to fit into bras again normally and I almost forget that it isn’t a real breast. I’m still awaiting nipple recon.

Today I’ve been told I have cancer stage 1 in the other side which is nothing to do with IBC, it’s a new primary. That is just the way life goes I suppose but you have to live and go with gusto making the most of what you have.
Good luck with your decision

HI Peacock just visited as also just had a DEIP recon flap and reduction to other breast to even them up just recently after following you through all the previous treatments from 2009 to 2011 with IBC. I was very sad to hear your news but your positive attitude can see you through this one too… Good Luck girl

Hi Dee Dee, nice to hear from you and I hope you are recovering well from your DIEP.

We’ll have to change your name to Cee Cee now lol . Rads start next week, they did a lumpectomy with clear margins and clear nodes, so chemo not necessary this time.

Take care

hi phoneutria,
i had immediate recon after treatment for ibc i had a few reccurance after plus now lung mets but now they have gone with 5 months of chemo which i am thrilled about, but if i knew then what i know now i would not of had the recon straight away, but still everyone is different.
lollypop x

hi forgot to mention i had more surgery to remove skin on the mx side nodules were removed, plus silicone was removed , it as all very frightening when first dx with the lung mets especially when i had already gone through enough., if you do decide to have recon the wait a while.