Reconstruction after radiotherapy

Hi everyone I’m on a waiting list for delayed reconstruction already had Pre op but seriously doubting the choice. I’m 51 and diagnosis November 2016 but couldn’t have immediate reconstruction so use a prosthesis or go flat on one side which being small bust isn’t too bad. I do struggle with pain from bra though so was considering reconstruction to make things easier.

Surgeon said he will do Lipo twice to soften and prepare skin for stretching then an expander However I keep seeing Implant after radiotherapy doesn’t work and  read another old post of someone definitely being told it won’t work. I asked surgeon who said he’s pushing it a bit but my skin is healthy and not to compare to others  Anyone else had Implant after radiotherapy with success or not many thanks.









Hi thank you to the Nurse for answering my question just reposting in case any ladies on here can help me thanks. 

Hi typical me,


I am due to start rads after choosing lumpectomy over mastectomy with implants. Your question is one I have a vested interest in as even the tiniest recurrance and it’s mastectomy. Which my consultant said wasn’t possible after radiation even if it looked ok it’s elasticity was compromised leading to complications with wound healing, capsular contracture and infections.


That said some women in here have gone through unplanned radiation to implants due to surprise results after immediate reconstruction and been fine.


The American websites seem to say some surgeons will attempt it but you have to accept the higher risk of failure.


I hope you find a solution to this and your reconstruction goes well. Please update us on your progress x