Reconstruction and being HER2

I would be interested to know if anyone who is HER2 has had a reconstruction. I did have an appointment but cancelled it because i was so worried about having one and the apparently high risk of the cancer coming back if you are HER2. I have just finished 18 herceptin and now Arimidex.

Hi starfish I to am her2 and nearly at end of herceptin and due to have recon in the spring, I have seen my surgeon and bcn and both are very positive about me having this done. I am looking forward to this as a positive step forward, I too worry about the high risk of a return of the cancer, especially as I also had skin invovlement and lymphovascular invasion but this is something I feel will give me more confidence and it’s something I have control over at last.
Write down your concerns and speak to your bcn, mine really helped and answered not only my questions but my mums( who came with me.)she also showed me the before and after photos which was a real help.

Hi Starfish I am also HER2 + and finished herceptin last November 2008 - my reconstruction was delayed due to a low white blood count but also because my team wanted to wait for a year or two to make sure all was ok and no reocurrence. Am now on a waiting list so could be up to 9 months.

Hi Starfish, I think that we have posted each other before, are cancers have quite a few similarities. I just wanted to say that im HER2 pos and have LD recon in Aug and am havin the good side reduced and uplifted on the 256th nov. I never even gave a thought to being HER2 pos and recon. My surgeon and onc have never mentioned it. I am having no 16 Herceptin on Monday, and my onc keeps telling me over and over that being treated with herceptin cancelles your her2 status back to where you would be if you were neg. I have no regrets having had the recon and feel much better about myself for having it done. I found prosthesis a pain in the a**s!

Good luck with you decision.
Ness. xx

I am her2 positive, and am on the waiting list for a recon. No one has ever mentioned that my her2 status is relevant, although for my own peace of mind I have waited a while - by the time I get my operation I will be three years on from dx. My neighbour is also her2 positive, and had a recon last year.

Hi Starfish, I had mx with DIEP reconstruction at the same time in July 08 and I am Her2 positive. I have had chemo, radio and have just finished 17 herceptins. I was offered immediate reconstruction and no mention was made that I should wait. They only mentioned that radiotherapy might alter the texture of the recon but I have been very pleased with the results.

I had a Mastectomy with immediate reconstruction (tRAM flap} and didn’t find out I was HER2+ until it was all done. It was never suggested that anything other than immediate reconstruction was the way to go and as far as I’m aware, it’s not a problem. Good luck. x

I had Mx and immediate recon and am Her 2+. My surgeons never mentioned any possible complications by being Her 2+ and the consent process was so unbelievable long and full of everything else I’m sure it would have been mentioned if they thought it relevant.

Very many thanks for all your comments. It is very encouraging to hear of so many HER2 ladies doing so well and certainly has helped my confidence. I would like to have some sort of reconstruction eventually but am waiting maybe a year or two to see how things go. Also working very hard on losing weight and getting fit. I feel these things can only be for the good regarding hopefully a lesser operation and less side effects. Also hopefullhy it will help with my lymphoedema which i am also concerned would get worse as the result of another op.