Reconstruction and smaller boobs

This is probably going to sound crazy but I’m going to post anyway in case anyone has advice or suggestions.

Recently diagnosed with lobular breast cancer and have been told I will need a mastectomy as it’s in 3 places. I’ve been recommended to think about reconstruction at the time of surgery.

Now my issue is that I’m really not fond of my rather large boobs. I wear a minimiser bra and (very ironically now) always joked that I would have breast reduction surgery if I won the lottery!

So I really don’t see the point of reconstructing a huge breast that I’m not proud of anyway just because it would need to match the other one. 
Has anyone else had the same dilemma??

I’m simply wondering if it might be possible to have the reconstruction to a nice ‘normal’ size and have the other breast made smaller to match it? Sounds like an awful lot of surgery I know but I’m beginning to think that’s what I would like. 
Presumably I can discuss this with surgeons but wanted to know if any similar experiences.

Hi Jacaranda,

Welcome to the forum but sorry to hear your diagnosis. My circumstances are different to yours but I had a similar dilemma. I had a very early grade 1 breast cancer requiring only a lumpectomy, but also having lived with large boobs that I have never been very happy with my surgeon offered me the option of therapeutic mammoplasty to take more tissue away and reduce the size. I deliberated for a couple of weeks, really not sure what to do for the best, I felt very vain & selfish for thinking of having more extensive surgery that wasn’t necessary as well as extra surgery next year to equalise the other side. I read posts and chatted to other members of the forum and spoke to friends, and eventually decided that actually, it’s really rubbish that I have cancer and need surgery but that I want to get something positive out of it for me! I had left therapeutic mammoplasty on May 20th and am so pleased with the size of my new boob!! I definitely made the right decision. 

So, although not the same diagnosis and surgery, do what is best for you. Why not have a smaller reconstruction if that is what you would like? Almost a reward for going through this rollercoaster of a journey?! 

Best of luck with making your decision and your surgery & treatment,

Sarah xx

Hi Jacaranda

Similar but not quite the same experience for me. Urm, twice.

So, six years or so ago I had a second diagnosis in the other breast, and because of previous lumpectomies and radiotherapy, I was more than a cup size difference between the two. So I asked could they take some extra along with the new nasty lump, even me up a little. It wasn’t a perfect match, but it did help a little.

Even after that I was an H-cup, and when I was told last year that I needed a bilateral mastectomy, the surgeon’s comment was “implants don’t come in your size!” So I had very little option but to have a reduction, and to be honest it was fantastic news! I’m down to a D/DD and I’m absolutely delighted. 

I have heard - here, as well as other places - of ladies only having single mastectomies and a reduction on the other side. It seems relatively common, so definitely ask your surgeon. You might not be able to get both ops done at the same time, so make sure you ask about that.

So no, absolutely not crazy to be thinking that. When life has handed you lemons, you make lemonade - or, as I think of it, I look for the silver linings. I don’t *want* surgery, but if I’m having it anyway then any extra benefit I can get is worth going for, imo!

Take care xx

Hi - similar(ish) situation for me.  I had a SNB and therapeutic mammoplasty (wide local excision) yesterday for a 4cm grade 1 cancer in my right boob, and because of the amount of tissue that needed to be removed, I was told I would also have a breast reduction on the left to even me up.  My bra size pre-op was 38G, and, like you, I was never happy with big boobs.  My surgeon offered me a choice of keeping my breasts as large as she could, or opting for a smaller size.  I opted for smaller boobs, and, whilst I’m only day 1 post-op, I’m really pleased with what I can see (despite the fact I am covered with dressings and tape!).

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is bloody awful, and if there is a chance of something positive to come out of it, why not take it?

Good luck with your surgery xx