Reconstruction cancelled


I’m sat here hoping I get a call for surgery I don’t want. It is such a surreal situation to be in.

I’m 34 and got diagnosed with high grade DCIS at the start of March. The plan was a mastectomy of the left breast with reconstruction at the same time. Now because of the virus I can’t have the reconstruction and I’m on a waiting list of people needing surgery that gets discussed and prioritised weekly. No-one is monitoring me while I’m getting beaten to the surgery slots every week by people with a more pressing surgery need. I totally understand this but it doesn’t make me feel any better… how will anyone know when I become most urgent? Will I ever get the surgery? 

It was also hard enough processing having a mastectomy but now knowing I’ll be flat on one side is heartbreaking. I can’t seem to find photos of how it will look or what clothes I’ll be able to wear. 

HEW, I’m sorry you find yourself on here, but glad you’ve reached out to the forum. I am sure others will be along to help I had a therapeutic mammoplasty so currently one side smaller than the other and I’ve found the soft stuffing from a cushion is great, it’s not heavy and can be shaped well, also pattern tops or dresses have been good and a draft scarce But I do wear plain clothes too now, because unless you point it out to people they really don’t notice It’s just obvious to us. I did look up a video of my op before it happened so I knew what would be happening during op, but that was my choice, googling things is not generally a good idea about bc, but that’s everyone’s individual choice. Please speak to you bc nurse you have been allocated, they are there to listen and support you every step of the journey And they will. :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi Hew,

I can completely relate to your situation as the same has happened to me and I’m devastated! was meant to be having a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction on Tuesday the day before my 50th birthday.  It’s been cancelled and I’ve been offered a mastectomy only.  I’ve refused as waking up flat after surgery is just not an option for me.  I’m also terrified to have surgery in case I catch the virus and die.  Sounds dramatic I know but my surgeon couldn’t give me any guarantees.  So I’m starting hormone therapy for now.  I collected my prescription today.  Side effects sound grim! Hoping I don’t get them.  But fingers crossed it buys me some time until we are out the other side and reconstruction surgery recommences.  My bc nurse said while I’ve still got cancer it means I stay top of the list.  If I have mastectomy only I could wait years for reconstruction like my sister whose still waiting nearly 3 years! 
make sure you explore all options.  Wishing you best of luck

Simmo xxx

Hi, I had to wait to have my reconstruction UNDONE because of Covid, I just went flat after 14 years and the implant was ruptured. In the position of wishing I went flat in the first place! as far as what to wear check out Fantastic Flat Fashions on Facebook. It is a great group. There are other flat groups to encourage and support all of us who wanted or didnt want this. I am growing to like it. It is undoubtedly the healthy, quick healing option. Best luck.