Reconstruction choice

Hi, I’m trying to decide on what kind of reconstruction to have after a unilateral mastectomy, I’m unsure if the implant will be too different but am scared about the diep operation, does anybody have any advice please

Hi dear, I had my masectomie Before starting the treatment, I did not opt ​​for immediate reconstruction, I heard that there is a high chance of infections and more difficult to recover, that’s why I chose to wait until I finish the treatment.Please discuss and ask all the possibilities you have with your reconstruction and treatment and then think and make a decision. On the forum if you search at Search mastectomy and reconstruction you will find many posts to get an idea of ​​what experience the girls had here on foy I wish you good health and find the best path for you.Take care and be strong :cherry_blossom::hugs::gift_heart:

Hi , I had a unilateral mastectomy and a delayed DIEP reconstruction 1 year later. I had long talks with my plastic surgeon before deciding together this was the best one for me. I have never regretted my decision. Good luck

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