Reconstruction CT scan - feeling anxious!


Just looking for a bit of advice and comfort really. I’ve got my CT scan tomorrow to check the blood vessels in my stomach for the DIEP reconstruction. 
Im super glad things are moving along but this week I’ve got myself into such a state of anxiety about having this scan and I’m sure 100% sure why. Spent most of Wednesday in tears. 
My MRI I had during diagnosis was not kind to me so I think I’m relating it too that and worrying they will see something else unexpected on this scan. 
Any advice or insights anyone can give to help calm me down would be great fully received! 

Becky xxx

Hey becky. 

I have recently had both a MRI and CT scan when i was diagnosed 


Oh my MRI scans are just… yeah they are terrible. 

But the CT scan is nothing you literally lay there and it is all over in 5 mins max x 

You have got this girl x