Reconstruction feedback

Reconstruction feedback

Reconstruction feedback Hi All.
I would really appreciate some feed back from those that have had and are receiving advise from consultants with regards to full reconstruction surgery.
I have been diagnosed BC2 gene what ever its called having had family members confirmed with cancer at my age i am considering surgery.
Can anyone give me their thoughts and experiences?
kind regards to all

Breast Cancer Care Reconstruction publication Dear Lynn
You may find our booklet about breast reconstruction helpful to read, it is available to order or download via the following link:

Also, you may find it helpful to look in the ‘Reconstructive surgery’ room to view others’ posts and ask any further questions you may have in that room too.

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Hi Lynn
I don’t have any history of it in my family, but I had a lumpectomy in december followed by a mastectomy with reconstruction in january.

I am really pleased with my reconstruction as I feel balanced, and being a 38D I thought it would feel very odd if I didn’t have it.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a big op, and feel as if I managed really well, as I had 2 drains in (back and front) and by day 4 I was sent home with no drains in!!!

I did have a build up of fluid a couple of weeks after but everything has settled nicely.

I feel it was the best decision to make as if I had the mastectomy on its own, I am not sure if I would have had the nerve to go back and have the recon at a later date.

It is a personal choice, but for me it was the best choice…

Best of Luck

Hello, I am awaiting an appointment with the plastic surgeon for reconstructive surgery, having had a positive result for brca2. I haven’t had cancer but members of my family have, hence having gone down the genetics route.
There is quite a lot of information on the internet about brca and the reconstructive options, but it is a good thing to get as much information as you can from the surgeons and breast nurses, this will help you with your decision making…Good Luck!

hi hi there i had breast reconstruction tram flap on the 31st january this year and glad to say it was a success ,the op took exactly 9hrs it in the hospital 4days and it has now been exactly 7weeks since my op and i am back to normal as to walking and doing chores about the house .

as u are bit sore for a few days it does get better the more u move about well i found this to be true on my part.well hope i have answered some of ur questions .


Hi there

I am Brac2 - age 32 and had bilateral mastectomies with tissue expanders just under three weeks ago.

I am really happy with my decsion (took me 7 years to make it) and am really pleased with the results of my surgery so far. The operation was no where near as bad as I had expected, I had little pain and my recovery has been really good. Going for my first expansion next monday which I am looking forward to ! I currently have a small a cup.

If you want to ask any other questions please do so.