Reconstruction: how long after chemo?


I finish chemo this month and am desperate to have my reconstruction surgery ASAP but have been told conflicting things by surgeons. Some say they could do it 6 weeks after chemo and one has said not until a year after.

I know I need to recover but psychologically I can’t cope waiting a year As I’ve had one mastectomy and need the other breast removing as I’m BRACA2 and I just want it over with. Has anyone got advice or been through this themselves?


Hi Jess
I am due to have my mx in 2 days. I asked for immediate reconstruction and was told it was not a good idea because I still need to have radiotherapy and it could ruin the reconstruction. After I have recovered I have to have chemo (from maybe Nov) for 6 months, one month rest, radiotherapy for one month, one month rest, then I can start thinking about a reconstruction, but sometimes they like to wait 6 to 12 months after all the treatments are finished. I was not a happy bunny. I said “that means I won’t get a reconstruction until 2014!” In the nicest possible way, the bcn was trying to tell me there is no hurry. I asked if I could still have the reconstruction on the NHS and she said yes. My mum had her mastectomy 26 years ago and she decided not to go for reconstruction as she was in her late 50s. But I definately want reconstruction. I have two sisters, one said she would not have it, the other said “that’s because she has small tits!” My mum manages with a softie and prosthesis as she is a bit large, but she never wears low cut tops or goes on the beach. I like to do those things, so like you, am anxious to get the reconstruction sooner rather than later. Sorry, not been much help today.
Jen x

I was told 6 - 8 weeks post chemo. Depends if you need rads or not too… some places would rather you wait…i would say if you dont need rads the advice i was given was 6 weeks.