Reconstruction implant or thigh tissue


New here as recently diagnosed 42years old with smallish breasts , only having mastectomy one side

why did people choose tissue from thigh reconstruction over implant ?

i am very confused

my husband mum and sister want me to have implant for speedier recovery and quicker op, but I don’t want to br left looking odd

my husband is also worried I will hate the scar on my thigh

Any comments greatly appreciated 

thank you

I went straight to implant but had a double mastectomy.

I’m 51 and a B/C cup.

3 months post op and feeling great. My boobs look very natural and very much like my ‘real’ ones. They take before and after pics. They do feel different, firmer and less physical sensation but I wanted to look the same and minimise scarring. I’ve already got a C-section scar, but now have 2 under my boobs and a small armpit one from my SLN biopsy.

Get lots of advice, and ask lots of questions, you will find the best solution for you xxxxx


Hi Nicpic, like Lorraine H said I’d say get loads of advice. I had a right side mastectomy on Friday. I’m 56 and was 40E, I’ve had an immediate implant reconstruction and I’m delighted with it so far. I didn’t want to use tissue from elsewhere as, in my world, the original operation is big enough without adding to it. I knew the new one would be small but my surgeon will do me a reduction and lift on the natural boob within the next year. I want to loose weight to bring them more naturally in line ( I’m probably 4 stone heavier than I should be ). I’m not fussed about the lift as for me it’s important how I look in a bra not out of it but that night change. Not even sure I’m going to have the nipple reconstruction to be truthful.
The implant I’ve had is 600g ( the boob they removed was 1200g ) so I guess I’ll be a good C maybe a D on that side but the shape is fabulous.
Do lots of research and really think about what’s important to you. Stay strong xx

Hi Nicpic
Going through the same at the moment but with double masectomy. I am/was, not sure what I think at the moment, in favour of using my tissue, but my partner also things the scar will be a lot, and I am worried as that will be two operations in one at the same time (if not 3 as for double masectomy) and than the recovery time is much longer… Just feeling very lost. Did you have your operation yet?
Hope you are doing as well as possible in the circumstances xxx

Anna xx


I had the TUG flap reconstruction 2 years ago and am delighted with the results.  I was a very floppy 34dd and implants alone were never an option as I’d had radiotherapy which can cause problems with implants.  

I did have a lot of problems with my thigh scar getting infected and as a result my scar isn’t as near as my surgeon would have liked.  My breast from day one has looked and felt very natural and feels like part of me.

It is a hard decision to make and the TUG reconstruction is a big operation and I limped for several weeks.  If your surgeon is offering implants then remember that if you really don’t get on with it you could always request a TUG at a later date.  Good luck.