Reconstruction Options


thanks to everyone who gives such good advice on here, I’ve found it so helpful. I’m due to get a mastectomy on my left breast at the end of the month due to a diagnosis of DCIS. I am getting immediate reconstruction and am deciding between an LD flap and a DIEP flap. I really don’t know which to choose and was hoping that someone who has been through either could advise me? I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks so much! Xx

Dear Teresa,

Firstly, wishing you well with your upcoming surgery, so much to think about and take in a reconstruction is such a big decision I’m sure you have discussed it with your surgeon and your breast cancer nurse I would be guided by there advise.

Take one day at a time, feel sure you will make the right decision, I don’t want to sound negative however I had an LD flat and unfortunately a few problems.

biggest hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

Hi Teresa. 
i had a non nipple sparing single mastectomy last September, and completed radiation in January. I now have to wait 6 months and can only have a Diep flap surgery. 

i am just beginning to visit plastic surgeons but I am optimistic that the Diep flap will leave me looking much better once I heal. 

I am wishing you calm and peaceful healing.