reconstruction or not?

hi ladies i was wandering if you could help me decide wether to have recon or not, i will tell you my journey as short as possible, dx june 06 idc stage 2 grade 2/3 left mascectomy no nodes affected. followed by chemo, rads then just finished 1 yrs herceptin jan 08. all treatment finished just 3monthly checkups. im now at the stage were i would like my boob back at the beginning i just wanted it gone to get rid of the disease but now im getting my life back together i feel i need my body back too. the questions i wanted to ask were, will i be able to have recon after having rads to my mascectomy scar? if so what type of recon? is there any ladies here who have had similar dx and treatment as me who have gone ahead and had recon? all your advise would be greatlly appreciated as im of to see onc in april and i was going to mention recon to her. thanks xxx suzee

Hi Suzee,

Afraid I can’t be much help with my experience as I had WLE but there is a full page article in todays Daily Mail on reconstruction (Still time to buy it - don’t know if articles on internet). It basically said to go for reconstructions if possible. Hope article helps.

Good luck with your decision

Shorty xx

Hi Suzee (again!)

The article is on Daily Mail on internet. If you go onto Daily Mail website and then click on the health section on the left hand side you should see it.

Shorty xx

The article is on the Daily Mail online too. I’m having immediate reconstruction following mastectomy this Saturday, and expect to have a nipple reconstructed (and areola tattooed) asap, probably about six months later, when they will even up the healthy breast to match the new one. I didn’t like the thought of being lopsided, or having to schedule another major operation to have reconstruction done later. I think it’s psychologically easier for my kids (16, 19 and 21) as well as for me. Hope my tummy will end up better than it has ever been!!

Have you seen Elaine Sassoon’s book, The Boudicca Within? I got it from Amazon, arty photos of women post-reconstruction. My elder daughter has found it very reassuring to look through. Good luck with your decision xx

Hi suzee

You may find it helpful to look at the Breast Cancer Care information booklet on reconstruction, it can be found at the following link:-

I hope this is useful to you.

Best wishes