Reconstruction surgery cancelled due to Corona Virus

I’m absolutely devastated! I got a phone call today cancelling my reconstructive surgery due to the Corona Virus.  Been offered mastectomy only which is my worst nightmare.  Really scared and worried for my mental health.  Has this happened to anyone else? 

Hi Simmo,

My name’s Steph. I’m so sorry your surgery plans have had to change and all the additional worries this is bringing up for you. I wanted to let you know that about the Breast Cancer Now Someone Like Me telephone support service. I’m one of the team and we have volunteers who have had delayed reconstructions that we could put you in touch with. If you would like to speak with a volunteer you can call us on 0114 263 6490 (Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4pm) or email us on Wishing you all the best Simmo.

Hello. Yes same happened to me. My private surgery was brought forward and had it 2 days ago but without reconstruction as there is a higher risk of infection requiring an ICU bed.  Completely understandable and it can be done later if I still want it so in the scheme of things I’m trying not to get upset though at this point I can’t even look at my surgery “wound”.  It’ll be ok, try not to worry.  K

hi Simmo

its happened to me and they are only offering me a mastectomy next Wednesday!! I have called private hospitals and they are all saying the same . 

Worse still they are saying to skip my final chemo and go straight to mastectomy !! 

I don’t know What to do! 

Will you go ahead with the mastectomy and do you know if they will put drains in and send you home the same day ?? 

Big Hugs