Reconstruction using an implant and a tissue matrix

Hi, I have just been recommended this after my mx. Please can i hear from anyone who has had this done.

Not sure if i will need radio therapy as tumour was small and sentinal node biopsey was clear. However dicovered another small tumour when trying to get clear margins.

When you say tissue matrix does that mean strattice and implant? If so then yes I had this done 3 weeks ago. If it’s the same thing what would you like to know? I can tell you it looks good! My hubby says it’s better than my other breast! …all these decisions we have to make that we never thought we would have to do eh!

Yes it is the one you have had. I was wondering what the recovery time is, what type of implant you have and about nipple reconstruction? I see the consultant on Monday, but wanted to know from others who have actually had it done. Just over three weeks on I am still sore from the sential node biopsey…


Thank you for replying

Thanks Bali2001 and Wildpurl - I’m due to have implant and strattice next month, so great to hear that you are pleased with your surgery. Hadn’t thought about no driving, will start calling in lift favours now!

Hi had this in February, was six weeks till able to drive though was still uncomfortable , swelling and pain lasted quite a while, and still have pain on and off but nothing major. Shape is good but having other boob adjusted in three weeks and fat transfer into dent above implant, nipple recon is going to be nipple sharing and will be done later, is strange only having one nipple! Am hoping next op is successful so not so lopsided, and yes foob is high and perfectly shaped just wish I had two!, what’s not to like. The hard bowling ball feel does soften eventually, but takes a while to adjust. Good luck