reconstruction using the expander then silicone


I am booked in for a bilateral reconstruction using the expander method then eventually silicones. I am 32 and need some positive encouragement as I am quite scared. I am a survivor of bc for four years. As I have the Br 1 gene I am reducing my risk of it returning dramatically.

I am worried about the recovery and the muscle spasms people talk about. I am also unsure whether to have a tear drop silicone shape or round. I am only 32 and quite frankly would like an improvement on what I have.

I need some positive stories to get me there!!!

Hannah xxxxxxxx

I am really hoping to hear some positive outcomes with reconstructions. Has anyone got any pls?
Hannah xx

Hi Hannah sorry I cannot help you with this query but wondered if you put it in another thread say Living with BC reconstructive surgery more ladies might see it? Wishing you well and hope you get some info soon.Jackie xx

Thank you for your advice. I will try that. Just want someone to say if all worked out.

Hannah x