Reconstruction using tissue expander and immediate implaint

Hi, I am booked in for surgery this month for delayed recon with tissue expander and I have opted for mastectomy on my healthy side with immediate implant, really nervous about going under the knife again and wondered if anyone has had similar surgery! Are tissue expanders really that painful? Sorry for sounding a wimp, I was very lucky wth my mastectomy as I had no pain what so ever and no drains either, so feeling that this time around i won’t be so lucky!

Hi Roxyb11 I had tissue expander in last year I didn’t have any pain or issues with it other than feeling a little tight when it was filled. The port can be a little annoying as it sticks out under your skin. I think it’s like the surgery some people will experience problems and others not so difficult to say as everyone is different. Are you having the LD flap? 

Hi Whitelily, I am just having implaint based recon, tissue expander to stretch the skin and then permanent implaint, I think it’s the thought of being inactive again and not being able to do much! Never had drains either so that’s all new experience xx

Hi, my surgeon expanded me to a c/d cup, I have had radiotherapy so couldn’t go any bigger! If you haven’t had Radiotherapy then I think they can expand a lot bigger! -although I used to be a 34f and have quite big breasts but happy with my new size :relaxed:

Hi, I only had 2 fills to get to and cup! I had saline injection and to be honest it didn’t hurt! When you have your fills it’s slightly uncomfortable but not painful! I hope everything goes well, I have another meeting with my plastic surgeon in may then will prob book in my exchange surgery, however I am in no rush!! Xx

The exchange surgrey is to take out my tissue expanders and exchange for permanent ones as the expanders I had in are temporary! The port i have isn’t too bad to be honest, it takes some
Getting used too but I don’t find it painful now! It is a pain to sleep on your front though, however it gets better xx

Roxy was your port in your rib? Was it an A cup you expanded to? How much boob do you have straight after Mx ?

My port is located at the top of the implant so not near my ribs! When I came around from surgrey and very small amount of fluid was put in but that’s because I had radiotherapy, they would probably put more in if you don’t have the radiotherapy skin xx